Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 12)

Labour Day continues to be one of the most important weekends in the CFL as it marks the turning point for teams trying to make a run or realizing that they are too far out to hope for the playoffs.

Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 12)

Labour Day weekend is a big one in the CFL as teams get their chance to begin the push towards the playoffs with plenty of time for all of them to begin to make a run but starting the second half with a win can be essential to those runs as the drive to the Grey Cup begins on Labour Day.

Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 11)

Labour Day displays the best rivalries in the CFL but not every team gets to highlight a great rivalry although the league is hoping to change that for two teams.

Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Division Finals)

The division final weekend provided plenty of excitement as two sets of rivals faced-off to punch their ticket to Winnipeg.

Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 11)

The Grey Cup is the biggest weekend of the CFL season as every November the CFL world comes to one city to celebrate the game.

TMQB: Labour Day Edition (CFL Week 10)

The Labour Day weekend marks a major milestone in the CFL as it is one of the biggest weekend in the league. The September long weekend is one of the most important weekends of the year as well with teams truly figuring out where they are. It is past the halfway point of the season but every year the Labour Day weekend seems to be the tipping point for all teams.

Tuesday Morning QB (Week 3)

The CFL is celebrating the 100th Grey Cup this year in a season that will highlight the rich history of the league. There is plenty to talk about when it comes to the history of the CFL with amazing stories around every corner. One thing that makes the CFL so great is the rivalries between many of the teams in the CFL. There is the Battle of Alberta between the Calgary Stampeders and Edmonton Eskimos or the battle of French vs. English with the Toronto Argonauts and Montreal Alouettes.

What 2 Watch (Dec. 9-11)

The Sports world is beginning to enter the winter freeze with less game and less leagues playing before the new year. The weekend will see few games and events but they will be some key events as some leagues begin to wind down and others enter a midway point. Football is beginning to wind down with the NCAA entering their last game of the season and the NFL in the thick of a playoff race.

What 2 Watch (Dec. 2-4)

With Canadian Football done for the year the first weekend in December will feature fewer games but still some great events. The NCAA will take over this weekend with Championship Weekend seeing a number of great championship games just before the main bowls are decided. Meanwhile the NFL continues in their last few weeks with a game that could provide a big upset in the league.

Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 11)

Week 11 in the CFL can be called Revenge Week as every matchup during Labour Day weekend was replayed the week after. The difference was the location as the home teams during Labour Day were the away teams in Week 11. This creates something special as the majority of the teams that play each other during Labour Day are some of the biggest rivals in the CFL. This was similar to other years as Calgary and Edmonton faced off in the Battle of Alberta, CFL edition, and the Saskatchewan Roughriders faced off against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in what is known as the Banjo Bowl.

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