An Exciting Birthday

The UFC celebrting 25 years turning back the clock and heading to the place where it all started but in the octagon it was all about two fighters trying to recapture their momentum after long layoffs.


UFC Fight Night 139 Preview

The UFC looks to celebrate 25 years of the promotion as they return to where it all began heading back to Denver the site of UFC 1 to reflect just how far the promotion has come.

Skill over Power

The UFC’s heavyweight division has always been about the power but this time around it was skill that overwhelmed as the more powerful fight had no solution for a bigger toolbox brought by the champion.

UFC 230 Preview

Legacy is on the line as Daniel Cormier looks to continue to solidify his place in the history of the UFC by defending his second belt becoming the first fighter to defend and hold two belts simultaneously.

Looking for Some Heat

The UFC is in the midst of another era change and as the change occurs veterans are looking to cash-in leaving everyone else looking to become undeniable.

UFC Fight Night 138 Preview

The UFC is through the haze of the McGregor return and getting back to fighting where contenders look to bring their names back into the headlines.

Mental Warfare

The Mental side of the game plays a big factor in any fight that Conor McGregor is a part of and it was the focus once again as McGregor looked to get in the mind of Khabib Nurmagomedov.

UFC 229 Preview

it is the fight that everyone wants to see as two of the best in the UFC look to shut out the doubters and try to prove that they are truly the best lightweight in the world.

Taking their Chances

Going between weight classes has become more common in this new era of the UFC and with that two fighters took their chances at a new weight class looking to see if it was a place they could hang around.

UFC Fight Night 137 Preview

A number of big changes have changed the face of the card for UFC Fight Night 137 but it has also given two fighters a chance to continue some momentum as last minute additions to this card.

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