NHL Playoff Report: First Round

The first round of the playoffs saw the two best teams in the league get eliminated early with little fight allowing the two final wild card teams to head to the second round.

2019 NHL Playoff Preview

The NHL playoffs are here and on both sides of the equation the teams are looking to skill and veteran presence to get their chance at the greatest trophy in sports.

NHL Week in Review (January 12-18)

The NHL and NHLPA made the decision this week to cancel the 2020 World Cup of Hockey in what could be a signal for the upcoming opt-out dates for both sides in the CBA.

NHL Week in Review (January 5-11)

This week, John Tortorella reached a milestone that makes him one of the best coaches in the NHL and the best American coach in NHL history despite his sometimes complicated legacy.

2019 World Juniors Report (Medal Day)

The World Juniors are establishing a new pattern as more teams are ready to compete but only a few are taking home gold medals, two of which were in the hunt at the end.

NHL Week in Review (December 29-January 4)

The HL All-Star game is approaching and with the game comes the constant debate of how worthwhile the game is and a decision by a star this week brought more to one side of the debate.

2019 World Juniors Report (Semifinals)

The World Junior Semifinals were not what everyone expected with two powers on one side and some surprises on the other but only two could come out on top to play for gold.

2019 World Juniors Report (Quarterfinals)

The gap is closing in the hockey world and the Juniors on quarterfinal day expressed that perfectly with two big upsets guaranteeing a new champion.

2019 World Juniors Report (Day 6)

The group stage finished on New Year’s Eve solidifying the playoffs as the teams found out where they stand as the playoffs and the run to the medals is on.

2019 World Juniors Report (Day 5)

The World Juniors are heading towards the biggest day of the tournament as New Year’s Eve games are coming and they continue to be big for the group stage.

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