U Sports Football Report (Week 6)

The Panda Game has been one of the most anticipated games in the past few years and it only highlights the importance of rivalries in college sports.

U Sports Football Report (Week 1)

The U Sports season got underway and many of the best teams in the country were looking to show that they were still around to compete while the other schools were trying to launch an early surprise.

Taking the Spotlight

There are more up and coming fighters than ever before in the UFC and those fighters have to make a name for themselves making a fight against a veteran an important opportunity for those younger fighters.

NCAA Football Report (Week 12)

A wild Week 11 led to a pretty tame Week 12 but the tame week full of over-matched teams has a purpose as rivalry week is coming and big games are about to have a big impact.

Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 16)

The CFL season is almost over and week 16 threw a wrench into the best laid plans of many teams looking to get closer to that playoff spot as the week in the CFL added to the fight to make the playoffs.

2017 U Sports Football Preview

CIS is now U Sports as Canadian University sports continues to grow and look to football to help them grow and become a major player in Canadian sports.

MLB Week in Review (August 18-24)

Like every league the MLB is dealing with its own issues, one of them being low enrollment and with that in mind they host the first ever Little League Classic giving Little Leaguers the chance to see some of the best in the world up close.

Champions Big and Small in Dallas

UFC 211 showed the diversity of the UFC as the co-main event featured the smallest division in the UFC with one of the most dominant champions and the main event was all about the biggest division.

2017 World Baseball Classic Report (Day 5)

With two new pools getting their tournament underway a new wrinkle in the managing of international teams takes full focus as managers try to win but not quite at all costs.

NCAA Football Report (Week 5)

The NCAA saw a rare sight this week when two top ten programs faced off led by two Heisman Trophy candidates as the regular season saw some big action in the middle of the season that is sure to have an influence in the playoff.

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