Great Night Seen by Few

The UFC began a string of cards on their subscription service and it was a good night with great fights that they hope will help the subscriptions on their online service.

Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Semi-Finals Week)

It’s November football and for the teams left in the hunt for the Grey Cup that means the weather begins to become a major part of the game. Winter is coming in Canada and so games in the outdoors will have another obstacle to overcome. For the Hamilton Tigers-Cats, Montreal Alouettes, Saskatchewan Roughriders, and B.C. Lions, the weather would make itself known in the division semi-finals this week.

2013 CFL Playoff Preview

The CFL Season is over and the second season is set to begin as the march to the 101st Grey Cup begins. As the Grey Cup approaches the 6 teams involved are hoping that they can be named the next champions. For one team a recent pattern is a good omen as the Saskatchewan Roughriders are hoping to be the third team in a row to win the Grey Cup at home.

Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 11)

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have reached bit of a breaking point in their season as they would win their second game of the year but have already seen their playoffs hopes fade drastically. The Bombers have been one of the worst teams in the CFL this year as they continue to struggle both on and off the field. It is just another year for the Bombers who have struggled for years with the longest Grey Cup drought in the CFL.

Rider Nation is Ready (2013 Pre-Season Grey Cup Preview)

The Grey Cup will travel to one of the most loyal and loud fan bases in the CFL when they go to Regina in November. After last year’s celebration of the history of the Grey Cup with the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto the CFL will highlight what the league can be to a community. The Saskatchewan Roughriders are a team that represents the success a franchise can have in a community.

Tuesday Morning QB (Finals)

I have said this many times before in this blog but it continues to show itself in every level of the Canadian Game. The QB is the most important position in Canadian football and despite the game being the ultimate team sport a team without a QB is doomed. The CFL has seen this multiple times and in the playoffs so far it has been a major theme.

2012 CFL Playoff Preview

It is almost the moment that the CFL has been building up to for an entire season as the Grey Cup will be handed out in two weeks. For the CFL this is more than just another year and another Grey Cup as it represents a very special anniversary for them and all of the CFL fans. It will be the 100th time that the Grey Cup is handed to the CFL Champion.

CFHOF Profile: Damon Allen

In Canadian football 12 players take the field for each side and fight it out in the one sport that values team more than ever. If one player misses their assignment the entire play can be blown causing a big defensive play or a Touchdown. It is the ultimate team sport where every player must do their part for things to go right.

Tuesday Morning QB (Week 18)

The CFL is only one week away from the playoffs and the playoff race is almost over with almost all playoff spots taken. There is only one spot left as the Edmonton Eskimos and Hamilton Tiger-Cats continue to fight for the last playoff sport in 2012. The fight is not over with one week left for both teams to try and earn their spot.

CFHOF Profile: David Braley

There are plenty of legends in the CFL and throughout the history of the CFL with many of them celebrated especially this year. With the 100th Grey Cup right around the corner people have heard plenty about the legends of the game. There are the Lionel Conachers, the Doug Fluties, the Ron Lancasters, the Pinballs, and many more.

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