Tuesday Morning QB (Finals)

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I have said this many times before in this blog but it continues to show itself in every level of the Canadian Game. The QB is the most important position in Canadian football and despite the game being the ultimate team sport a team without a QB is doomed. The CFL has seen this multiple times and in the playoffs so far it has been a major theme. First it was the decisions made at QB by two teams in the Division Semi-Finals. Drew Tate and Kerry Joseph would take the reins for their teams with very different results. This week it was less about the decisions made and more about what two QBs did with the opportunity they had in the division finals. The Calgary Stampeders were one of the teams in the Semi-Finals that had to make a very important decision at QB. Instead of going with the veteran backup who had guided them in 14 games during the regular season they went with the young starting QB that had been injured most of the season. It worked out for them as Drew Tate took over the offence from Kevin Glenn and led the Stamps to a win over the Saskatchewan Roughriders. The one issue with the win was that Drew Tate would suffer a fractured wrist, and an undiagnosed concussion, putting him out of the next game. This meant that Kevin Glenn would have his opportunity to play in the playoffs. Going into the West Division finals with Kevin Glenn at the helm the Stamps seemed to have no hope to beat the B.C. lions who were considered favorites to repeat as Champions. The Lions and most CFL fans did not expect what would happen next though as Kevin Glenn outperformed Travis Lulay with his chance in the playoffs. Glenn would have a very impressive stat line (15/24, 303 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT) as he was the linchpin to the Stampeders attack. Behind the arm of Glenn the Stampeders upset the Lions and earned a spot in the 100th Grey Cup. Meanwhile on the other side of the country the Toronto Argonauts and Montreal Alouettes would continue their longtime rivalry facing off in the East Division Finals. The Argonauts were in a familiar position as they had travelled to Montreal in 2010 as a major underdog. That time they went into the game with Cleo Lemon at QB and their underdog ranking was proven to be true. Anthony Calvillo ripped the Argos apart for a 48-17 win forcing the Argos into yet another debate over the QB position. Just after the 2011 season end the Argos seemed to find the answer to QB woes that had followed them since Damon Allen retired when they traded for Ricky Ray. Throughout the season Ray proved that he might be the answer but to win against Montreal would be a big step for them and one that many thought they couldn’t get past. Ricky Ray proved everyone wrong though with the performance of the weekend to lead the Argos past the Alouettes. Ray (28/37, 399 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT) was lights out for the Argos and despite the lack of TDs his leadership and ability to keep the drive going would prove to be the difference maker in the game. The QBs once again proved that the position is clearly the most important in the league. Both teams now move to the biggest game of the year and of this century as they will go head to head in the 100th Grey Cup. All eyes will be on both QBs in this game as they are at the centre of the two biggest stories in the CFL this year. The only question left to answer will be which QB can continue the trend of having a great performance as it will surely come down to which QB has the better game in the Grey Cup.


CFL Players of the Week

CFL Offensive POW:
Chad Owens, WR (Toronto Argonauts)

11 rec
207 yds
18.8 avg
0 TD


CFL Defensive POW:
Marcus Ball, LB (Toronto Argonauts)
5 tkl
0 sck
0 FF


CFL Special Teams POW:
Paul McCallum, K (B.C. Lions)
5/5 FG
45 lng
2/2 XP
17 pts


CFL Canadian POW:
Jon Cornish, RB (Calgary Stampeders)

18 rsh
112 yds
0 TD
0 F



East Division Final:
Toronto Argonauts 27 – 20 Montreal Alouettes
– It seemed oddly familiar to the last time these two teams faced off in the Eastern Final as the Alouettes looked to be running away with the game early but the Argos stuck around and eventually took the lead and defended it


West Division Final:
Calgary Stampeders 34 – 29 B.C. Lions
– The Lions went into the playoffs as the consensus favorite to win the Grey Cup as they seemed to be the best team in the CFL but they didn’t count on the Stampeders giving them everything they could handle as the Stamps beat the best team in the CFL for a chance at the Grey Cup


100th Grey Cup:
Toronto Argonauts vs. Calgary Stampeders
– They have faced off twice before in the Grey Cup but this year will be different as the Argos seem to be the hottest team in the CFL right now while the Stampeders are riding high after beating the best team in the CFL

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