CFHOF Profile: James West

Winnipeg has not always been a forgettable team in the CFL and this year fans get to remember their dominant years with James West heading to the Hall of Fame.

CFHOF Profile: Dave Dickenson

There is little doubt as to the most important position in football as the quarterback is the beginning and the end to every offensive play in football.

CFHOF Profile: Eddie Davis

Defensive back Eddie Davis comes from the same time period as his fellow hall of famer Bob Wettenhall but had a completely different view.

CFHOF Profile: Gene Makowsky

There is something special about football in the middle of the country as there is no bigger hotbed than the prairies.

2013 CFHOF Profile: Dan Ferrone

The CFL loves to reward those players who will give everything that they can for their team and for the league. The players that can stand out among above the rest who stand out as a player that can lead their team to championships are those that become favorites of the fans and the league. These players have something that not many do as they stand out in their team as true leaders.

2013 CFHOF Profile: Brian Fryer

The status of football in Canada has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years with more and more players moving to the NFL. These players are lucky to be living in a time were Canada is a place to look for emerging talent. It was not always like that though as the teams in the USA would not consider Canada a place to find talent.

CFHOF Profile: Damon Allen

In Canadian football 12 players take the field for each side and fight it out in the one sport that values team more than ever. If one player misses their assignment the entire play can be blown causing a big defensive play or a Touchdown. It is the ultimate team sport where every player must do their part for things to go right.

CFHOF Profile: Milton Stegall

Every now and then special talents come about in sports and they light up the league as one of the best players in the world at their position. More often than not in football these special talents tend to find their way to the NFL one way or another. They either get noticed quickly in the NCAA ranks and are drafted by the NFL or they are not noticed and use the CFL as a way to get to the NFL.

CFHOF Profile: Eric Lapointe

Being an athlete is a rough profession at any level but in football making the jump from college to professional is especially difficult. Players who make that jump realize fast that the next level features the biggest, strongest, fastest, and smartest football players in the sport. For some this can be extremely overwhelming as they are put in a situation that they have never been in before.

CFHOF Profile: Jack Abendschan

In the CFL there are fans and then there is Rider Nation proudly wearing their Green everywhere they go. Fans of the Saskatchewan Roughriders are a special breed and they proudly hold the distinction as the best fans in the league. Other fans of other teams may debate it but you only need to see one game where the Riders are travelling to see how many Rider fans there are.

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