NHL Week in Review (November 3-9)

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This week saw the fallout from a video that was posted giving insight into the attitudes of players on a struggling team.

On October 30 the Ottawa Senators were thrown into a bit of controversy with no easy out when a video surfaced online.

That video was of an Uber Ride involving a number of Ottawa players where they were making fun of their situation and mocking coaches.

The video was a peek into the minds of players who were playing a game for a team that just didn’t seem to have much hope.

When the video surfaced it was met initially with a bit of shock that players would be that way but quickly it was understood.

They were venting on their time off and making fun of their bosses as any other person would do.

Unfortunately, for the players, they are not just in any other job as they are in a very public profession in a city that truly cares about their hockey.

Seeing these players complain had some thinking about what they were saying and whether or not this was serious for these players.

Where they just joking around and not caring that they weren’t playing well or was there a schism between coaches and players?

There were plenty of questions and after the video came out the players apologized for what they had said in the video.

From the outside, it might not have looked great but when put into perspective this is far from the worst thing to happen.

The video doesn’t look great but it is simply a group of players complaining about their workplace.

Everyone does this and many would say that everyone needs to be able to do that every now and then.

It can be used as a way to unwind and more importantly to bond with fellow coworkers, or in this case players.

The Senators are not a good team this year and they have been a team in a bit of a mess since before the season.

It is understandable that players would be frustrated at their situation and take it out on the coaches or by joking.

They have no choice in terms of where they go and so many have to make the best of it as they can.

This video being released is also a bad example of just how under the microscope these players are.hockey-sidebar

Uber drivers could hear plenty of stories like this with the number of people that they drive around.

They could post any other video of people complaining or mocking other people and nobody would care.

Posting a video with players makes headlines because they are n the public realm especially hockey players in Canada.

It is part of the job as these are people that kids look up to and who have to keep a certain standard.

That isn’t always fair though as something as simple as complaining about their situation in a car where they didn’t think anyone was watching.

Then the Uber driver posted it and caused plenty of issues for these players doing something so innocent.

It is an unfortunate part of the job but also a warning to other players from around the league that they are being watched.

It is why players often don’t provide the most insight when interviewed or why players often find a place to get away from it all when they can.

The scrutiny on the players is at a different level especially when it comes to teams in Canada.

Something like this has little to no effect on the team or the game but it gets blown up to being a real situation.

The apology wasn’t really necessary but it was done and likely asked to be done to get things out of the way.

It remains a fact though that players are under the microscope at all times even when something as small as this pops up.



Changing it Up

Joel Quenneville is likely to go down as a Hall of fame coach after guiding the Chicago Blackhawks to three Stanley Cups. The Blackhawks are not the team they used to be though and usually, the first person to pay for a bad few seasons is the coach. Quenneville was fired this week after a slow start for the Blackhawks leaving them with a new head coach. It was the best time to do it as the season is just beginning and a new coach can make a difference right now but they will need to begin making a dent if they want to march towards the playoffs.

A Fine too Little?

Milan Lucic is a player built in the image of players that are used less and less as the season moves on. He is an enforcer, albeit one with slightly more skill than the older enforcers. That was never more clear than this week when he went after Mathieu Joseph. Joseph had landed a hit on Kris Russell leaving Russell with blood on his face. Lucic didn’t take kindly to that and went after Joseph hitting him far from the play. It was what he did next that was too far though as he hit him and then looked to fight him throwing punches with Joseph having no interest in returning fire. For the incident, Lucic received a $10,000 fine although many thought he should have been suspended.

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