2018 CFL Playoff Preview

gcpreviewThe CFL playoffs are here but this year has provided a little less predictability than usual for this time in the year.

Over the last few years, it has been clear that a few teams were always going to be the favourites through the playoffs.

More often than not that was the Calgary Stampeders who came into the playoffs as the best team in the league.

They were undoubtedly the favourite over the last few years as they were always going to find their way to the Grey Cup.

In the last two years, they did just that as they were able to go through the playoffs and find their way to the Grey Cup.

This year isn’t entirely different as the Stampeders are once again the best team in the league but they aren’t as dominant as years past.

That walk through the playoffs is far from guaranteed as they barely got first place in the west after a battle with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

It wasn’t the same season for the Stampeders as they looked human for the first time in the last few years.

It doesn’t mean that they aren’t a great team with the potential to get to the Grey Cup but there are no guarantees this season.

The Riders were able to make a serious run at the first place spot in the most difficult division in the league.

That gives them a legitimate shot at taking home the Grey Cup berth from the west this year although an injury to Zach Collaros leaves some doubt as to whether or not they can do it.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have their own shot as when their team is on they are a force but being on has been a bit of a challenge.

They can win the whole thing but they need to be able to put everything together in the most important game of the season.

In the west things are nowhere near being figured out as the Stamps may still be the best team in the division and the league but their grip on the west is loosening.

Both the Bombers and the Riders have a shot at unseating the stamps leaving the Albertan teams out of the return of the Grey Cup.

Then again the Stampeders are still the Stampeders with the experience and talent to make it back.

This year just seems like there could be something different but that isn’t limited to the west.

The only guarantee that has been in the east over the last few years is that any team from the east can make it to the Grey Cup.

Although the crossover has been in play for a number of years the western team that has made the trip has never been able to work all the way through the eastern playoffs.

The last two years have seen a much better western team make the trip over to the east and yet an eastern team has found their way to the Grey Cup each year.

This could be the best chance for an all-western Grey Cup as this year will see the BC Lions will look to make their way through the eastern playoffs.

The Lions have been one of the best teams in recent weeks as they are coming on strong at the end of the season.

A poor start to the season forced them into the crossover but they are seemingly just finding their stride.football-sidebar

If they can continue to play at that level they have a chance at beating the eastern teams especially with the motivation of playing for long-time head coach, Wally Buono in his final season.

The REDBLACKS and Ti-Cats will have something to say about that as both are good enough to make it through.

Hamilton had a dream start to the season with Jeremiah Masoli looking like an early MOP candidate.

The end of their season was not the same though as they have not been as strong at the end of the season as they were at the start.

The talent is still there as they are a good enough team to win it all but they will have to get out of their funk to get back to their potential.

The REDBLACKS have been looking good at the end of the season like they can get back to the Grey Cup.

The Lions could make a run through the east and break the pattern but will have a tough time against two talented teams.

It just follows the theme of the playoffs this season as the usual assurance of easy favourites is no longer there.

Any team from the west or the east could find their way to Edmonton this year as it all comes down to the games and who shows up at the right time.


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