UFC Fight Night 132 Preview

ufc-fn132It has been talked about endlessly everywhere as Donald Cerrone continues to make some of the strangest decisions for his own career.

Most fighters with his name recognition can essentially choose who and when to fight because they are among the biggest stars in the sport.

Cerrone has made a name for himself but it hasn’t been through his ability to beat the best of the best in multiple divisions.

Although he has the talent to compete with the top fighters in the world he is a star because he is a fan favourite.

That is where the paradox of “Cowboy” comes in though as he is a fan favourite because he will fight anyone and anywhere.

He simply loves to fight and isn’t too concerned about what it can do for him and his career moving forward.

Fans love that attitude and it has made him a star because everyone knows he will put on a show for everyone and that he is truly never afraid of a fight.

That has garnered him even more respect over the last few years where more fighters are taking a careful approach to their contracts.

If they have the star quality and the skills they can pick and choose, to a point, how their careers can unfold.

They reject fights to take a fight that can do more for them and their careers whether it be a fighter that is a better matchup or a fight that gets more exposure.

With the way, MMA is right now these fighters are taking a smarter approach to ensure they can get those bigger contracts and earn money and take the least amount of damage before they are out.

For fans, it is refreshing to see a fighter like Cerrone take any fight at any point in time but for Cerrone, it has not been the best for his career.

Although he is one of the most recognizable fighters in the UFC he continues to take fights that aren’t going to do a lot for his title hopes.

His career is nearing the end and to gain that UFC title that has alluded him he needs to fight big names in big cards.

Instead, he fought Darren Till in Poland for a card that was broadcast entirely on Fight Pass.

Winning that fight wouldn’t have done much as not many tune-in to Fight Pass and Till wasn’t the biggest name.

Instead, he took a loss launching Till towards the title and then four months later he took a fight on Fox Sports 1 against another up and comer in Yancy Medeiros.

This time Cowboy came out on top ending a three-fight losing streak but instead of using that win to take on a bigger name in a bigger card he signed on to fight another up and comer on another Fight Pass card.

This time Cowboy travels to Singapore for a card broadcast entirely on Fight Pass where the main card begins at 8:00 am ET.mma-sidebar.fw

It is another fight that will not do a lot for Cerrone in his pursuit of that belt as a win is almost expected from many, even if he is an underdog.

Even if he can win not many will see his performance and that won’t be great for his ability to move quickly up the rankings.

Of course, Cerrone just doesn’t care about any of that as he would love to win a belt but fighting is the fun part.

He fell in love with the rush he gets in fighting someone else not the business or politics of the sport.

So he took a fight that nobody will see against a fighter trying to use him to move his way up the rankings and gain some recognition.

Leon Edwards has been pretty impressive over the last two years winning five straight including two finishes.

In those five fights, he has never really fought anyone with the name that Cerrone brings to the octagon.

This is his chance to put a big name on the record in a division that is now dominated by trash talk.

Edwards has a chance to say he beat one of the greatest of all time and if he can do that his next fight will include another big name.

Keeping that momentum is what will get him to the top of the division where Colby Covington and Tyron Woodley are preparing to fight for the title sometime later in the year.

In what is being deemed the entertainment era, Cerrone is the old school hold out and although it makes no sense for his pursuit of a title he remains a fan favourite.

Now he looks to continue that attitude towards fighting while showing it can work by beginning a streak and beating Edwards.


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