MLB Week in Review (June 15-21)

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The MLB Trade Deadline is still over a month away but the trade rumours continue to flow as it inches closer.

Every year teams continue to work on deals throughout the season leading up to the Trade Deadline in the hopes that they can get those guys that can bring them to the World Series.

It doesn’t always come through and most of the time it is a process that only comes to fruition in the final moments of the trade window.

That tends to be how teams operate in any league as they are always waiting for that better deal until that better deal isn’t there.

It is a delicate balancing act for GMs who are looking to get that player or multiple players but not give up too much.

It is also a balancing act for those GMs looking to unload their players for the biggest price that they can get.

Wait too long and the player that a team wants could be gone or a team has moved on to a new deal leaving that team with lesser deals.

Go too soon and the GM might miss out on a bigger deal or could miss out on a better option from another team.

Trying to find that balance is the challenge and the reason why GMs are paid as they must make those decisions.

Sometimes it can be big for the chances of a World Series and other times it can be a complete bust that ruins the future of the team.

The difference between those results is pretty small but finding the right timing can make all the difference.

That is the strange part about any league though is that these GMs usually wait until the last second to make that deal.

That can lead to desperation from both sides as they just hope to get something done with the person they are looking to move.

As the days get closer to July 31 the talks increase and the deals do tend to get better and with the deadline looming some GMs will take a deal just to make sure they got something done.

Although that deadline tends to be the trigger point there is another that begins to wake people up.

That is the first major trade of the season, as that trade puts a fire under every GM in the league and deals begin to heat up more and more.

The first big trade of the year happened this week and all of a sudden the rumours around trades increased in a big way.

This week the Kansas City Royals traded one of the final pieces left from that World Series run a few years

They traded away Kelvin Herrera to the Washington Nationals for a package of prospects that they hope can help in their rebuild.

The Nationals got another arm for their bullpen in order to stock up for what is shaping up to be a tough divisional battle.

That trade was the big one that other teams needed to get them working towards their own deals.

In the days following the Herrera trade, the rumours for other trades increased with more teams looking to get their guy before it was too late.

With Herrera moved other teams are likely disappointed that they couldn’t get their own deal for Herrera.

Now they are looking elsewhere while other teams have seen one player go off of the board.

It leads to GMs thinking that there are deals ready to happen and that if they wanted to get their guy they needed to begin calling.

Clearly, things are heating up with more rumours coming up daily likely because teams are now calling around to see what is out there.

It still could be a month of only rumours until the trade deadline finally hits but for now, the trade season is in gear.

Teams will begin to look for those players that can help them make a run towards the World Series.

More rumours will come and more deals are surely on the way but how long it takes will remain to be seen.


Extra Innings

A Strange Injury

Stories of strange ways to injure yourself are great fodder for making fun of friends or parent getting older but rarely are they from athletes. Brandon Morrow is one of those few athletes who will surely become the butt of jokes when he gets healthy. This week he was put on the bench for a couple games after he hurt his back. Luckily it wasn’t bad enough to put him on the Disabled List but it was in a strange way. According to Morrow, he hurt his back taking his pants off which will surely lead to plenty of jokes from his teammates in the locker room.

Most Game Caught

Yadier Molina is a true vet of the sport as he has been behind the plate for the St. Louis Cardinals for more than a decade. The dedication has been rewarded as Molina entered a very specific record. This week he caught his 1,757th game in a Cardinals uniform breaking the record for the most games caught for the same team. That record stood for 78 years and it likely won’t be broken anytime soon. The new era of player movement makes Molina’s situation a rarity in this league.

Ichiro’s Derby

 Ichiro Suzuki is still caught in limbo without any playing time but still without announcing his retirement. He is clearly nearing the end of his career and before it ends it seems like fans want to get him in a situation that he has never been in before. A joke made by Seattle’s GM has turned into a serious campaign to try to get Ichiro into the home run derby. Although Ichiro has been one of the greatest hitters of all time power was never his strong suit. The campaign is going though and fans want to see it while the MLB struggles to get Bryce Harper into the derby.

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