UFC on FOX 29 Preview

ufc-fox29There are many different fighters that make up the UFC but there is generally only one way to stay in the UFC.

That way is to win because the UFC doesn’t keep losers around with most fighters having to put together an impressive resume just to get on the roster.

It is tough enough to get in but to stay in becomes that much tougher as new fighters have to try to take the spotlight against the best in the world.

There have been some great fighters who have entered the UFC and fallen off immediately without every getting recognition.

Then there are the fighters who enter the UFC and rise to the top of the rankings to become some of the best in the world.

These fighters are constantly in big fights and after they establish themselves, a few losses don’t do a whole lot for their time in the UFC.

The fighters who make it into the UFC are always looking to win and many concentrate on that above all things.

MMA lends itself to excitement with the unpredictability of how fights can end but with its evolution, more fighters are getting more technical.

Technical fights don’t necessarily inspire the most excitement among fans as they are often for the trained eye.

It is a pretty good way to twin though as more often than not the most technical fighters will take a win in fights.

The fighter that knows how to defend and get his or her shots in is the one that usually comes out on top.

So it is usually a good idea to learn those finer points of fighting in order to win and continue to move up the rankings towards the title.

Not every fighter uses this style though and they are often the ones that find themselves on the preliminary card.

The fighters that just go out there and look to brawl or land that one great punch used to be really effective.

The game has evolved though and that strategy rarely pays off especially when they get to the top guys in every division.

It doesn’t mean there is no room for these fighters though as there are those rare fighters who can take that old style and stay among the best known in the promotion.

That is a rare sight but it does happen and more often than not the decision to continue to look to these fighters comes from the fans.

A fighter might not be the next in line for the title or on a massive run through the division but they get people excited.

Every time they step into the octagon there is a strong possibility that they will be walking home with an extra $50,000 even if they leave the octagon with a loss.mma-sidebar.fw

They are the type of fighters that could find their way out of the UFC roster given a really bad run but they can also lose fights and not have to worry.

They are just too exciting not to tune in and watch and although they will find it tough to fight for a title in their careers they will remain fan favourites well into retirement.

UFC on FOX 29 will feature two fighters that have a tendency to take a bonus every time they are on the card.

The big difference between them will be how long they have been doing their thing inside a cage.

Dustin Poirier has proven to be one of the more exciting fighters in the UFC ever since he joined the promotion in 2011.

Like most fighters who fight the way he does, Poirier has never fought for a title but has earned seven fight bonuses in his time in the UFC.

Justin Gaethje is looking a lot like a fighter built in the mode of those like Poirier but he is just beginning his time in the UFC.

In two fights in the UFC, he has already earned two Fight of the Night bonuses but has also earned a 1-1 record.

That is the life of fighters like Poirier and Gaethje as they have the skill to be technical fighters but often revert to a brawl.

They go out and look to get the highlight win and make things a short night but when facing the best fighters in the world that rarely works.

Still, that stile, when done well, can lead to some amazing fights and a lot of highlights on their records.

With two fighters that don’t seem to be ready to get technical any time soon there is a good chance that the rest of the fighters will be competing for the two other bonuses on the night.

This fight has Fight of the Night written all over it and if both fighters remain the same as they have so far in their careers it could be an all-out battle to the finish and should get the fans on their feet.


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