MLB Week in Review (April 6-12)

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Often the MLB has a reputation of being the passive sport out of the big sports in North America.

There is no hitting and not a lot of violence and the nickname of “America’s Pastime” doesn’t really inspire excitement.

The MLB is considered a more methodical and thought out sport rather than the quick spurts of action in the NFL and the constant back and forth of hockey.

That reputation can sometimes make the sport seem like one without much emotion put into it every game.

The fact that there are 162 games doesn’t help that thought process as emotion can’t possibly have an effect over six straight months.

At the end o the day though, MLB players are still athletes who perform at the highest level of their sport.

There are people who love to win and get competitive over the smallest things even on a game night.

Then there are athletes who take that love of winning to a new level as they are an intense group of people.

Along with an innate athletic ability, that attitude is what puts them at the top of the world in their sport.

So when they are seen as these athletes with little to no emotion because they play a slower game with less action isn’t necessarily accurate.

They are the same group of people who find their way to this point in their careers because they have that intensity that makes a good athlete.

That intensity that these athletes have come through in a big way only two weeks into the season where the league had a strange amount of issues.

The league saw a veteran catcher go after a manager, a superstar rushed the mound and an old rivalry flare up in the biggest way possible.

One of the first issues that happened this week came when Torey Lovullo came out to argue balls and strikes after some questionable calls.

During his argument, he pointed at Yadier Molina seemingly bringing the veteran into the argument and that sent Molina off the handle.

The catcher went after the manager and the benches cleared as both teams looked to keep their guy back and defend their teammates.

It was later revealed that Lovullo called Molina a name during the argument and that is was the catcher took offence to during the argument.

It was a clear case of that intense type of ballplayer looking to mind his own business until he was brought into something and then his intensity came through.

He wasn’t the only one though as only a few days later Colorado Rockies starting third baseman Nolan Arenado rushed the

It happened after Arenado was nearly hit by a pitch a night after a Padre was hit by a pitch and placed on the 10-day DL.

He immediately rushed the mound and began a bench-clearing brawl that resulted in five people being thrown out of the game.

It was not the only bench-clearing brawl though as one of the league’s biggest rivalries was reignited with their own bench-clearing brawl.

It started when Tyler Austin slid into second in what seemed like a slid to try to take out the second baseman.

That second baseman, Brock Holt took offence to the slide that he thought was a little too high and the benches cleared.

It was the first time but not the last time as the Red Sox took their revenge the next time that Austin came up to bat.

That is when they threw directly at Austin and the benches cleared for the second time on the night bringing back memories of the many times that both of these teams clearing the benches before.

It was just the latest in a stretch of those emotional plays that are always a part of baseball and always will be.

Although it might not be the most thrilling or physical sport out of the major sports in North America but that doesn’t mean that there is no emotion in the game.

This week showed that the emotion carried by so many athletes is in baseball and that they still have that intensity that is needed in sports.

Extra Innings

Ohtani Wants More

Shohei Ohtani has been pretty spectacular so far this year and has lived up to his billing as the Japanese Babe Ruth. There is still a lot of season to go and he will be judged on what he can put together both on the mound and at the plate throughout a full season. It is going well so far though and for Ohtani, it is still not enough as he has said that he wants more time on the field between pitching.

Nobody There

The weather has had plenty of strange effects this year especially to the games in the north where they have been cancelled due to snow and cold weather. It has been an unusually cold spring and the MLB is suffering through some of the first part of the season. That continued this week when the Chicago White Sox saw less than 1,000 fans show up to a game in weather that was better suited for a hockey game.

Losing a No-No

The Miami Marlins have already taken a lot of heat for the way that the new ownership handled the off-season. They sold most of their best talent and seemed to be ready for a massive fall down the standings this year. That seemed to only gain steam after they pulled Jarlin Garcia after six innings despite the fact that he had a no-hitter going and only pitched 77 pitches.

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