UFC Fight Night 55 Preview

ufc_fn55UFC Fight Night 55 will feature a fan favourite in Michael Bisping who has become a fan favourite for the fights he puts on. The biggest reason for his following is the pre-fight antics that he has become known for. Rarely is there a fight involving Bisping that doesn’t involve some type of feud. He is one of the most polarizing figures in the sport and that alone makes him one of the most popular fighters. There is no middle ground with Michael Bisping as fans either hate him or love him but one thing is for sure, he draws plenty of viewers and sells a lot of tickets. It seems like every time a fighter signs the contract to fight Bisping that fighter becomes the enemy of Bisping. The name-calling and insults begin immediately as Bisping draws them into a war of words before every fight. It is the way he gets hyped up to beat someone and the way he makes every one of his fights one to watch. Whether you are watching to see Bisping get shut up and lose a fight or to win in an exciting fight the fact is, fans watch. They will once again when Bisping travels to Australia for his latest bad blood affair this time against Luke Rockhold. This will be one of the few times that Bisping did not just begin a war of words with his opponent when he signed the contract. Instead this battle goes back to 2012 when Bisping broke an unwritten rule in fighting when he spoke about their training. Both fighters trained together in 2012 at American Kickboxing Academy and in an interview Bisping claimed that he had easily beat Rockhold in training. The exact words were more along the lines of Bisping claiming that after he trained with Rockhold he might as well have been crowned the Strikeforce Champion, a title Rockhold held at the time. The revelation of how the training went was something that most fighters frown upon and so did Rockhold. The former Strikeforce champion took it as an attack on himself as he claimed that the accounts of Bisping were over exaggerated and that he was never dominated by the British fighter. He went on to claim that Bisping is a fake who only acts like a nice person when he can get something out of it. The war of words have been flying for two years now and finally both fighters get to meet each other in the octagon to solve all of the issues. Whether or not they are friends after the fight remains to be seen but one way or another the feud is most likely going to be done as one fighter will walk out with a win. Many times a fight with Bisping is a matchup of who can stay the calmest which is why Bisping likes to wind people up before the fights. He takes advantage of fighters getting emotional and trying to push the pace while he can counter. As a great boxer it makes his job easier in the octagon as he can catch anyone with a good punch to earn the knockout. Rockhold has sworn to keep his cool in this fight though and he believes he can out-box the British star. With that attitude this fight might be setting up for a stand up battle or Rockhold is making everyone think just that. As a wrestler and jiu jitsu practitioner he is far superior to Bisping on the ground. Whether or not Rockhold stays standing he does have the better streak heading into this fight. After two wins including a submission and a knockout against some solid opponents Rockhold is trying to climb his way up the rankings and earn a title shot while Bisping is trying to string together wins to gain back the respect he seems to lose every few fights. If Rockhold can keep his cool and fight like he has been the two fight win streak may increase to three but it won’t be easy. There is always a chance of a knockout for either fighter as they have the power to get the KO but Rockhold also has the ability to submit Bisping. Either way it seems like Rockhold has the edge in this fight as he will take the win with a unanimous decision.

Once again a Fight Night card will involve a lightweight matchup as the co-main event of the night. In the UFC’s toughest division Ross Pearson and al Iaquinta are just trying to get noticed among the shuffle. Both have had very similar careers as they have shown signs of promise only to fall to better opponents. Neither can seem to break through that wall between the top fighters in the division and the rest. Iaquinta was putting together his own streak as he slowly rose through the rankings. After three straight wins he was set to move up in competition but lost to Mitch Clarke via submission. He was forced to start over and did so against Rodrigo Damm earlier this year with a KO. Similarly Ross Pearson looked to be one of the most improved fighters in the division. After two wins in a row he suffered a No Contest against Melvin Guillard and then a split decision loss to Diego Sanchez. As he prepared for his next fight he was looking to show that his improvement was not lost and that he could compete with the best of them. He did just that in knocking out Gray Maynard at UFC Fight Night 47. The win was as statement by the Brit who showed that he can compete and beat a former #1 contender. As both fighters look to make an impression in they could be in for a great fight and possibly a bonus. Although both have decent ground games they are much better on the feet and that could mean a slugfest. Both fighters will likely try to keep the fight standing which is a perfect recipe for a great fight. With that in mind whoever wins this fight will make an impression and could earn themselves a bonus.


Fight Card

Main Event:
Luke Rockhold vs. Michael “The Count” Bisping (UFC Fight Pass)

Main Card:
Ross “The Real Deal” Pearson vs. “Ragin” Al Iaquinta (UFC Fight Pass)

Robert “The Reaper” Whittaker vs. Clint “Headbussa” Hester (UFC Fight Pass)

Soa “The Hulk” Palelei vs. Walt “The Big Ticket” Harris (UFC Fight Pass)

Jake “The Celtic Kid” Matthews vs. Vagner “Ceará” Rocha (UFC Fight Pass)

Guto Inocente vs. Anthony “The Hippo” Perosh (UFC Fight Pass)

Dylan “The Villain” Andrews vs. “Smilin” Sam Alvey (UFC Fight Pass)

Vik “The Spartan” Grujig vs. Chris “The Menace” Clements (UFC Fight Pass)

Richie “Vas” Vaculik vs. Louis “Da Last Samurai” Smolka (UFC Fight Pass)

Daniel Kelly vs. Luke Zachrich (UFC Fight Pass)

Marcus “The Bama Beast” Brimage vs. Tuerxem “Leopard” Jumabieke (UFC Fight Pass)

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