Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 14)

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The playoff race is here as the spots are drying up fast with teams continuing to try to fight for the last chance to play in November. This week the B.C. Lions would run through the Blue Bombers and would get the second spot in the division. They would join the Calgary Stampeders as two of the three spots in the West are now gone with only one left. In the East the Toronto Argonauts would take the first playoff spot in the division. They would beat the Edmonton Eskimos in spectacular fashion coming back to win the game and clinch their spot. The game would be an interesting one this week as the Argos would look like they were almost completely out of it. Going into halftime down 15-1 the Argos seemed like they would come up just short of clinching their playoff spot. Then they would begin the comeback outscoring the Eskimos 10-7 in the 3rd quarter and 23-0 in the 4th quarter. The Argos would mount a big comeback in their fourth straight road game in what has quickly become a habit for the team. The Toronto Argonauts would set off four weeks ago for Montreal to start one of the longest road trips in the league. They were coming off of a bad loss to the Montreal Alouettes in Toronto that left a lot of people wondering if they could win without Ricky Ray who would go down with a serious shoulder injury the week before. Ray would be diagnosed with a muscle tear in his shoulder and would be out for six weeks taking him to the end of the season. Zach Collaros would have to take over for Ray in a very important time for the Argos who were looking to get back to the playoffs with only a few weeks left. Collaros would not be able to do a lot in his first game of the long stretch as the Argos would only score 9 points against the Alouettes. It seemed hopeless for the Argos as many expected them to fall out of the playoff race with Collaros under centre. He did not do much to change the minds of people in his second game starting as he would not be able to lead the Argos to a TD in the first half of their game in Montreal. Then Collaros would lead the team to a 31 point second half to beat the Alouettes in thrilling fashion. Little did the fans and analysts know that this would start a trend for the Argos as they would outscore the Roughriders 19-9 in the second half of their next game and 18-9 in the second half their Week 13 game against Calgary. Collaros has helped the Argos to four straight wins now and to a playoff spot with these four wins. The four wins would come in a more unique way than ever before as well with all four wins coming on the road and all four wins coming as the result of a second half comeback. It may not be the way the Argos want to win as head coach Scott Milanovich may be losing some years off of his life watching the Argonauts struggle in the first half of these games. Still the Argos are finding a way to win games and although they have not done anything to impress anyone they still win. This is what good teams do as even on their worst days they can find ways to win games. That could mean bad news for the rest of the league as the defending champions are back in the playoffs and look to be unstoppable. The Ti-Cats will look to put an end to this during week 15 when they take on the Argos who finally return home after a month on the road and will try to work towards first place in the East. Meanwhile the West would love to challenge the dominance of the Argos as the Stampeders and Lions are looking for a chance to play them in the Grey Cup. The Argonauts are looking like the best team in the league right now as they go for the repeat but there is plenty of time left and plenty of obstacles in their way before they can make it to the Grey Cup. The CFL is winding down their season as teams take their last shots to try to earn their spots and their rankings with November football right around the corner.


Fourth Down:
(Everything else about Week 14)

Another one on the List
Geroy Simon took another step to being remembered as the best receiver in CFL history as he would break the record for most receptions moving past Ben Cahoon in the place that Cahoon would get most of his receptions

Eskies Day Getting worse
The Eskimos would lose with a big comeback from the Argos but that was not the end to the bad news for the team as in the first half starting QB Mike Reilly would go down with a concussion ending what was turning out to be a good season for the young pivot

Another Shot for Maritimes
Touchdown Atlantic would not be as successful in week 13 putting doubt into the minds of those who want an Atlantic team and with the Halifax government rejecting a proposal to fund a stadium the Maritimes is taking another hit


CFL Standings:

Eastern Division:
1. x-Toronto Argonauts (18)
2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (12)
3. Montreal Alouettes (8)
4. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (4)

Western Division:
1. x-Calgary Stampeders (20)
2. x-B.C. Lions (18)
3. Saskatchewan Roughriders (16)
4. Edmonton Eskimos (6) 

x-Clinched Playoff spot


B.C. Lions 53 – 17 Winnipeg Blue Bombers
– The BC Lions held their own fate in their hands and they would take full advantage led by Thomas DeMarco in his second straight start and earning the Lions a playoff spot while pushing the Bombers further away from one

Calgary Stampeders 35 – 11 Hamilton Tiger-Cats
– The Stampeders would be the first team to clinch a playoff spot this year and they would show exactly why when they would go to Guelph and beat the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and pushing the Tabies further away from the top spot in the East

Toronto Argonauts 34 – 22 Edmonton Eskimos
– The Argonauts did not seem like they would win this game blowing a chance  to clinch a playoff spot but a big second half comeback led by Zach Collaros and Chad Kackert would get them the win and the playoff spot

Montreal Alouettes 17 – 12 Saskatchewan Roughriders
– The Alouettes have struggled all year but they would meet a team that has been struggling even more in the last few weeks with the Riders losing their 4th straight game and falling further out of the top of the West


Next Week:
Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Toronto Argonauts (Friday October 4th; 7:00 pm ET)
– The Tiger-Cats have been climbing their way back up the Eastern Division and despite a stumble in week 14 they will try to continue this by taking on the top team in the East and looking to unseat the Argos

Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. B.C. Lions (Friday October 4th; 10:00 pm ET)
– The Riders are in desperate need of a win after four straight losses and getting one against the Lions would be a big boost as BC continues to challenge Calgary for the top spot in the West Division and the Riders just look for a playoff spot

Montreal Alouettes vs. Edmonton Eskimos (Saturday October 5th; 3:30 pm ET)
– The Alouettes have not looked the same this year but took on a team in rough shape for week 14 and will do it again in week 15 when they take on the Eskimos who just seem to find ways to lose games

Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Calgary Stampeders (Saturday October 5th; 6:30 pm ET)
– The Blue Bombers are struggling for wins this year as they have been struggling all season and this week will be no help as a week after being dominated and allowing 53 points they take on the best team in the west

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