U Sports Football Report (Week 5)

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The U Sports season is heading into the final stretch before the playoffs begin and teams look to make their way to the national stage.

As the fight continues for playoff spots in every conference the fight for the top is beginning to get a little less exciting.

In Ontario, the Western Mustangs are taking over with four straight wins and not many teams looking like they can be a challenge.

The Calgary Dinos beat the UBC Thunderbirds for the second time this year essentially ending that battle for the CanWest title.

In the RSEQ there is still a battle brewing with Montreal and Laval who are pulling away from the rest of the pack.

In the AUS, Saint Mary’s is beginning to take over with an undefeated record at the top of the conference.

Things at the top of the conferences are beginning to look familiar with teams that are usually at the top remaining there.

That is making a lot of the battles for the playoffs a little less exciting but when looking to the next number of teams things have gotten a lot more interesting this time around.

In the last few years, there has always been a group at the top who have been able to separate themselves from everyone else.

This year it is limited to one team in most cases while everyone else struggles to find their way to the playoffs.

The AUS is used to this type of battle as they are the only conference with teams that constantly fight for the top spot.

The Huskies have yet to lose but there are still games to play and they are only two points ahead of the X-Men leaving a lot of room to lose.

This is what happens in the AUS every year as they constantly play a close season as they continue to follow that pattern this year.

The RSEQ looks a little more familiar than usual as the top teams have yet to solidify their spot in the playoffs.

Montreal and Laval remain the best two teams and neither has taken the clear lead just yet.

What is a bit more surprising is the fight just below them as Concordia is rising fast through the rankings.

With only four total playoff spots the RSEQ, this year could see some interesting members of the playoffs.football-sidebar

Both McGill and Concordia have struggled over the last few years but they are holding on to spots in the playoffs right now.

There is a lot of time but they are looking good so far with Sherbrooke seeming like the only team that could miss the playoffs.

With only one playoff appearance in the last five years, they are not used to making the playoffs but they are just over the playoff hump right now.

There is a lot of time to come though and they will need to make a run through the rest of the league to get there and make their second appearance in three years.

The CanWest and OUA could be the most interesting conferences this year as teams are making moves that were not expected.

With six spots the OUA can always turn into an interesting battle but the most interesting is right near the top.

Although Western is clearly the class of the conference nobody really expected the next three teams to be Carleton, Waterloo and Ottawa.

All three have had their moments recently but Waterloo and Carleton were out of the playoffs entirely last year.

They are now sitting in a position to not only play in the playoffs but to host playoff games, potentially even in the semi-finals.

In the CanWest the Thunderbirds were supposed to be the team to compete with the Dinos but that never seemed to come to fruition.

Three losses now have the Thunderbirds sitting outside of the playoffs far from competing for the top spot.

In there place is Saskatchewan who missed the playoffs last year but have been impressive this time while Regina and Manitoba are making their own runs.

The fight for the top spots in the conferences are beginning to look pretty typical for some of the conference s this year but that is not the exciting spot.

Instead, it is a look just below them to see new teams making runs towards the playoffs and attempting to find their way to the playoffs with just about half of the season left.

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