Taking their Chances

ufc-fn137Weight classes have always been a part of combat sports as a way to bring some fairness to the sports.

The UFC started without weight classes and just let anyone go against anyone leading to some pretty interesting matchups.

When the UFC began finding their way to the edge of mainstream a big part of the rise was the run towards regulation.

They established specific rules, drug testing and weight classes as they looked to Athletics Commissions for their ability to hold fights throughout the world.

That helped bring the sport to a new level and since then the sport continues to evolve along with the fighters.

Weight classes were once set in stone for fighters as many were considered one weight and that is all they could do.

They would essentially be stuck in the weight class that they chose and try to make their way through.

That began to slowly change as fighters began to move in between weight classes although it all started with a need rather than a want.

Fighters began to lose in one division and to save their careers moved to another division in hopes that they could do better.

Fighters also struggled to make weight in lower divisions and so were forced to move up to the next division to simply keep fighting.

There is another change in the air though as more fighters are now willing to fight in multiple divisions at the same time.

A lot of it has to go with the man who has had the biggest influence on this era of the UFC, Conor McGregor.

McGregor became the first fighter to ever hold two titles in two different weight divisions at the same time.

Of course, he never defended either of those titles but he started a new thought on the weight divisions in the UFC.

Daniel Cormier followed suit winning the Heavyweight title while also holding the Light Heavyweight title, Cormier plans to hold and defend both but next fights have not been announced.

With more possibilities, more fighters are seeing futures in fighting for multiple weight classes as they try to move up in any rankings.

There are fighters who are more willing to find a home in two divisions as they pursue titles wherever they can get there.

For two fighters in Sao Paulo, it was never really in the plans to fight in different weight classes but that is what happened.

Both Thiago Santos and Eryk Anders are middleweight fighters who have been looking to build a case in that division over the last few years.

They have had mixed results with both having a recent success only halted by one big loss within the last year.

Both had also recovered from that loss with an important win their last fights to get back to the win column and try to get back to a middleweight contender spot.

Then came UFC Fight Night 137 that turned out to be one of the more “cursed” cards of the year.mma-sidebar.fw

The main event was supposed to see Jimi Manuwa take on Glover Teixeira in a big light heavyweight fight.

Teixeira was hurt and was forced to withdraw from the fight leaving an open spot, which was taken by Santos.

He was set to move up in weight to take on a top contender and potentially announce an arrival to another division.

Manuwa then went down leaving another spot open, one that another middleweight in Anders was ready to take.

Out of nowhere, two middleweights were set to take their first fight in the light heavyweight division against each other.

It was a chance for both to potentially add another weight class to their resume and be a part of another title race.

The fight was going to be interesting as two fighters had little time to prepare for each other making this one a fight potentially based on instinct.

Both fighters showed what they wanted to do early as Santos was looking to end the fight on the feet while Anders continued to try to take the fight down and reduce the distance.

Both had success int heir plans but in the third round, Anders ate some big punches while Santos stood up from a takedown.

The round ended but Anders struggled to stand and go to his corner forcing the referee to end the fight.

Santos took the fight via TKO with a big win in a new division that could see him begin fighting between two weight classes.



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