MLB Week in Review (April 27-May 3)

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In every sport, there are those weird moments where a player goes from being one of the best to simply not having it anymore.

It doesn’t happen all the time as more often than not players just slowly find their way out of the league largely due to age.

The majority of players will also never get to point where becoming a worse player becomes headline news.

There are only those handful of players that reach superstardom and some of those players will find themselves on the wrong side of that fame quickly.

In this day and age, it is easier for that to happen as the demand for stars is massive in every league.

That demand for stars can cause some major problems as players can be given some pretty high standards that are tough to meet.

It happens all the time and only a few players can actually meet that standard and be successful for a number of years.

Most of them end up falling back and becoming good but not great players with most of their legend reduced to a few years.

There are a handful that seem to have everything going for them only to see it all fall apart for any number of reasons.

It happens in every league and in the MLB it is happening in one of the biggest markets in the sports world.

New York has always been a place where stars are needed in order for any team to make noise in the most crowded entertainment space in the world.

Stars have always risen in New York and in baseball, they have always been the driving force behind the two teams.

Whether it was Micky Mantle, Daryl Strawberry, Derek Jeter or Mike Piazza the New York team shave always had their stars.

It is what the market needs and because they need it they often jump on the first sign of greatness from any player.

For the Mets that great player came in 2013 when Matt Harvey arrived on the scene and quickly became one of the biggest names in the game.

He earned the title of the Dark Knight and became an instant star for a team that had been waiting for someone for years.

Harvey became the saviour for the Mets and he was the building block for the future of the team.

Unfortunately, his time was slightly delayed when he had to undergo Tommy John Surgery in 2014.

It set him back but when he made his return in 2015 the Mets were in a far better spot as they had built a strong group around Harvey.

The pitching staff included great arms like Noah Syndergaard and Jacob DeGrom and with Harvey back in after surgery the team made a big run towards the World Series.

They came up short but the future was bright for a team with a Dark Knight and Thor in the same

Then came the real injury woes as Harvey was saddled with time on the DL for multiple issues including Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.

That issue led to surgery and has been a big issue for other pitchers in the past with the potential to end careers.

He began suffering from that issue in June of 2016 and since that time Harvey has never quite been the same.

He has gone from being one of the best in the game to being a liability on the mound for the Mets.

This season his starts were so bad that the Mets had to look for other ways to try to get him back into his groove.

After suffering through a number of bad starts they pushed him into the Bullpen but the results haven’t been any better.

His last appearance resulted in two innings and an Era of 7.00 for the season putting his future in doubt.

It has been a dramatic fall for the guy that was supposed to lead the Mets back to the World Series and help them take home a championship.

He was a star and like stars, before him, his struggles are highlighted even more and for Harvey, this story isn’t quite over.

That ending could be a bad one as the Mets are debating what to do next with their once saviour.

He may very well end up in the farm system sooner rather than later and if that doesn’t work the Dark Knight might never find his way back.

Extra Innings

Calling it Quits?

It was a confusing day on Thursday when fans across the league learned that Ichiro Suzuki had announced his retirement. Ichiro was a legend as he became one of the greatest hitters of all-time and paved the way for Japanese players in the MLB. His retirement was then over as quickly as it came out with his agent claiming that he had not decided on whether or not he would retire. Ichiro is injured right now and could return to the lineup, while he also seems to be ready for opening games in Japan next season.

International Plan

As the rest of the major leagues in North America continue their plans to play overseas while trying to find new markets, the MLB is stepping up their efforts. They were long one of the only leagues to travel to other areas like Asia to help grow the sport. Now with every league doing it, the MLB is trying to keep up as they announced plans for 2019. Next season the MLB will be headed back to Japan as Seattle and Oakland open their season in Tokyo. In a bigger surprise though the league announced that the Yankees and Red Sox will take their rivalry to London in the stadium built for the Olympics.

Historic Power

The Red Sox are proving just how good they are as they continue to lead one of the toughest divisions in baseball with a devastating offence. The impact of the offence is beginning to take hold only a month into the season as the Red Sox and their players are starting to put themselves in the record books. At the beginning of the week, they broke the record for most grand slams before May hitting their sixth in the first month of the season. Then Mookie Betts hit three home runs in a game for the fourth time breaking a franchise record held by Ted Williams, and it’s only May.

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