Another Chance to Make an Impact

tuf26-finaleEvery fight night is a chance to make an impression on the fans and the UFC but the promotion built The Ultimate Fighter as a proving ground for young fighters.

Through the 26 seasons that the show has been on it has evolved and seen plenty of different iterations.

The latest was a chance for not only young fighters but proven fighters, to show that they had what it took to be a UFC fighter.

This season took that a step further too as the winner of the show wasn’t simply going to become a UFC fighter they were going to become a champion of the newest division.

The UFC looked to build its Women’s Flyweight division through the show bringing in the best flyweights from around the world.

There were fighters who had just begun their careers ready to take on the biggest challenge of their lives to take the first-ever title.

There were also experienced fighters that had seen plenty of action everywhere but the UFC and were trying to accomplish one more level in their careers.

This great mix of fighters was thrown into a house for six weeks and into a tournament for the Flyweight title.

That was where they were going to prove that they truly began in the UFC as one of the best fighters in the world.

There was plenty to prove for everyone but only two women came out with a chance at the title.

Both were a bit surprising as Nicco Montano and Sijara Eubanks did not come into the show with a lot of experience but they both beat some very good fighters to get to the finale and the title fight.

Now it was another chance to prove that they belonged in the UFC with their first real experience of the big show.

Montano passed with flying colours getting to the fight and being just as she had been throughout the entire show.

Eubanks was a bit of a different story though as she hurt her chances of fighting in the UFC after struggling with her weight cut.

It was a theme throughout the show as Eubanks was not really meant for the Flyweight division and she had a hard time making weight for all of her fights.

Before the biggest fight of her life, it was simply too much and she was hospitalized just before the weigh-in.

That left the door open for other fighters to prove themselves and show that they always deserved to be there.

The #1 seed in the tournament stepped in to take her shot as Roxanne Modafferi accepted the fight a day before.

Modafferi was always supposed to fight on the same night but now she was stepping up and taking the spot that she was always supposed to have, as the top seed.

The reason for getting that seed was her experience around the world as one of the best female fighters not in the

During the UFC’s strawweight tournament Modafferi took her shot but fell far short of getting a contract and went back to the drawing board.

Since that time she put in work and quickly moved her way up the rankings outside of the UFC always with an eye on the octagon.

She got a second chance to prove that she truly belonged and was thrust into what became a veteran versus young up and comer story.

Montano came into the title fight with only 5 fights while Modafferi brought 34 fights into her first UFC title fight.

There couldn’t have been more of a difference between these two in terms of their experience but they were both looking for the same chance to prove that they belong among the best.

In a great fight between these two, both showed their advantages at different points.

Modafferi was never uncomfortable in the octagon always looking to get in her awkward style to land punches and lock in a few times.

Meanwhile, Montano kept the fight standing for the most part and avoided the ground game while landing some great shots on the feet.

Both fighters landed their share of shots in a very good fight but Montano was able to land more shots.

She took home the belt as the young fighter looks to start a long run at the top of the flyweight division.

The fight was a close one though and in the end, both fighters proved that they deserve to fight in the UFC.

With a new division, both could fight again and soon but on a night when fighters were looking to prove something they took full advantage of the opportunity.




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