UFC on FOX 21 Preview

ufc-fox21Compared to most professional leagues in North America the UFC is pretty young only starting in 1993 and only really hitting its stride in 2005 after The Ultimate Fighter 1.

They are still trying to find their way in the sports landscape and so far have done great things to become a more mainstream organization.

Along the way, they have seen superstars throughout their events and have seen these superstars rise and fall.

The promotion has gone through their first set of major stars in the UFC as the original stars that helped build the brand are all retired with most now working for the UFC.

Now they are in an interesting part of their lifespan as those first stars were seen more in the end of their careers as already established stars that were put into the spotlight.

These stars are gone but they have been replaced by new superstars who have joined the UFC at the height of their polarity.

Somewhere in between is a group of stars that have grown with the UFC through the start of their growth until this moment.

These stars have seen most of their professional fighting careers in the UFC and have made names for themselves in the UFC.

They were the fighters that grew with the promotion and now are reaching the tail-end of their careers.

For many, they still have some fight left in them though as all of these fighters look to keep their success going and extend their careers in the promotion.

Two of those fighters will face-off in a fight card that will show just how far the promotion has come since the start.

Both Carlos Condit and Demian Maia were with the UFC when they got their first TV deal and began the process of becoming mainstream.

They have both been on fight cards that were broadcast on Spike TV in what was a massive move for the UFC who were now able to show live events for free.

Now they will headline a fight that is on one of the biggest networks in North America.

It is a long way from Spike TV to FOX but both Condit and Maia have been there for all of it and they look to continue to be along for the ride in the near future.

They worked their way into the top of the UFC as both have fought in title fights in the UFC, although only Condit has won a title in the promotion.mma-sidebar.fw

Neither has been able to extend their success at the top though with Condit only holding onto the interim title for one fight before losing to Georges St. Pierre.

They have fought the best of the best in this promotion and have been around from the start of the growth until the edge of the mainstream.

All the while they have remained at the top of their divisions and now they sit near the top of the welterweight division both looking to get a taste of the championship once again.

They are legends in the fight game but both are in need of a win if only to continue to earn the chances to fight the best in the division.

The Fight will be an interesting one as they both know where they have come from and have seen just about everything in their long careers.

Not much is going to surprise these two but there still has to be a winner in this fight and that winner could be on track to fight for the welterweight title.

In the theme of legends, the fight will match the classic MMA fight with Condit representing the strikers and Maia representing the ground fighters.

It has been this way since the start of the sport as strikers and ground specialists have continued to battle back and forth.

On one hand, the striker can end a fight in an instance but on the other, if the fight gets to the ground a ground specialist can dominate a fight.

Although both fighters are good everywhere there is no doubt that Condit has that one-punch finishing ability while Maia’s BJJ resume is great.

Condit can hold his own on the ground but going against a BJJ world champion is far from easy for a good, not great, wrestler.

Meanwhile, Maia’s striking ability is good but against a great counter-striker like Condit good is not good enough.

The classic match-up between striker and ground specialist highlights this fight between two long-time members of the UFC who will see just how far they have come at UFC on FOX 21.


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