Wednesday Morning QB (NFL Week 6)

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Every year in the NFL there seems to be a new hot-shot rookie that takes all of the headlines whether he deserves them or not. He is not necessarily the best or most talented player in the NFL or in the rookie class but he does command the most attention. Some turn out to be what was promised and others find unfortunate ends to the hype. Then there are the number of players who are surrounded by hype and never live up to it despite staying healthy and being given the opportunity. Names like Tony Mandarich, JaMarcus Russell, and Tim Tebow have all been the top in College Football and yet when they try to make the transition they cannot. This year there was one name that seemed to be on the edge of heading to the same list. Johnny Manziel came to the NFL as one of the most exciting quarterbacks to ever play in College. His ability to make something out of nothing made him a Heisman Trophy winner and a quarterback many considered to be the best in the draft. He was not drafted as the first quarterback in the draft as he began to fall far in the draft with questions about his attitude and his ability to take the damage that comes with being an NFL quarterback who likes to run and make moves out of the pocket. The questions were enough to send him to the 22nd pick in the draft where the Cleveland Browns had moved up to take their second pick in the first round. It was a bold move for the Browns who have been stuck near the bottom of the league since they re-entered the league in 1999. The Browns also made the move despite having a promising quarterback in Brian Hoyer who had finished the 2013 season by winning the last three games. The Browns still wet with Johnny Manziel and as with him much of the hype that surrounded him. The closest thing to the hype that Manziel brought to Cleveland is what Tebow brought to Denver and many expected the same results. When Tebow went to Denver the call for him to star twas immediate but he could not win the job in his first training camp. After initial struggles the call of Tebow became even larger and eventually he would get to start for the Broncos. A run into the playoffs and through the first round of the playoffs made Tebow a popular pick to be the future of the Broncos. Then Tebow was given the reigns and showed his faults making the hype around him all for not. The thought was the same for Manziel as he was expected to get a start this year when the Browns eventually struggled. Whether or not he proved to be a great QB or a bust was only going to be up to how he played when he eventually got his shot. Nobody seemed to tell the one person in the way of Manziel getting his shot in the NFL. Hoyer still sat in the #1 spot on the depth chart and got the better shot in training camp. There was an open fight in training camp but in the end it was Hoyer who took the top spot. Despite some struggles at the start of the year Hoyer has solidified his spot as the #1 quarterback in Cleveland and his win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 6 only helped him to take over the starting spot. Manziel was one of the biggest questions heading into the new season as many thought he may be headed to the bust list of hyped players. Now it seems like there will be no chance to see him and whether or not he will go into the bust list unless Hoyer goes down. For right now the Browns and their fans are hoping that doesn’t happen as Hoyer continues to lead the Browns in a resurgence this year and the known is much better than the unknown when a team is attempting to get out of the basement they have been in for the past decade.


Fifth Quarter:
(Thoughts on Week 6 in the NFL)

Giants in Trouble
Just as the New York Giants began to look like they could be contenders in the NFC they suffered a massive blow as top receiver and favourite target of Eli Manning went down after tearing his patellar tendon in his right knee and being placed on IR ending his season

Let the fining Begin
The NFL recently signed a sponsorship with Bose which wouldn’t be a big deal until you realize that a number of big names have personal sponsorship deals with Beats by Dre, a direct competitor with Bose, whose headphones are now banned by the NFL causing a conflict for players

Sign of Acceptance?
Dan Snyder has continually refused to change the name of Washington’s franchise from the nickname that has lost its copyright this summer and this week the Washington owner sat with the President of the Navajo Nation in what was a sign of acceptance or a shameless publicity stunt



Key Scores:
Cleveland Browns 31 – 10 Pittsburgh Steelers
– The Browns continue to impress this year with Brian Hoyer under centre as they were able to beat perennial AFC North power the Pittsburgh Steelers who were surprised by the up and coming team

Carolina Panthers 37 – 37 Cincinnati Bengals
– The Panthers and Bengals fought it out right to the end where Mike Nugent had a chance to end it for the Bengals on a 36-yard field goal attempt but Nugent kicked it wide and sent the game to the time limit ending the game in a tie

Green Bay Packers 27 – 24 Miami Dolphins
– The Packers have had a bit of an inconsistent season and that season continued when they took on the Miami Dolphins with the Dolphins taking them right to the edge and Aaron Rodgers pulling out a last second win

Dallas Cowboys 33 – 30 Seattle Seahawks
– The Cowboys made a statement in Week 6 as they took on the super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks and beat them with a great defensive performance and some great running by DeMarco Murray


Next Week:
New York Jets vs. New England Patriots (Thursday October 16th; 8:25 pm ET)
– The rivalry continues with both teams not looking like they used to as the Jets continue to try to upset the Pats in a matchup of the buttoned-up Patriots against the loose Jets in an important division matchup

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Indianapolis Colts (Sunday October 19th; 1:00 pm ET)
– The Bengals are coming off of a rare tie from Week 6 while the Colts are coming off of a big win as a matchup between two relatively new quarterbacks headlining teams that seem to be on their way to the playoffs

Minnesota Vikings vs. Buffalo Bills (Sunday October 19th; 1:00 pm ET)
– The Vikings will ride Teddy Bridgewater into Buffalo in the hopes that they can find some type of momentum while the Bills try to continue to fight with Kyle Orton under centre for another game

San Francisco 49ers vs. Denver Broncos (Sunday October 19th; 8:30 pm ET)
– The Niners and Broncos are teams that many may consider to be ready for the Super Bowl as the elder statesman in Peyton Manning takes on the young gun in Colin Kaepernick in what both quarterbacks hope to be a Super Bowl preview

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