UFC on Fuel TV 3 Preview

The merge of the WEC and UFC created a massive change in the UFC that continues to be seen to this day. Look at the heaviest weight classes and almost nothing has changed since the WEC was absorbed into the UFC but the further the weight drops the bigger affect. With WEC stars entering the UFC the light weight classes, Lightweight, Bantamweight and Featherweight, have seen a massive change. The WEC was full of talent in the lighter weights and this talent has come through at the top of the divisions with the champions and challengers all seem to be former WEC fighters. The same is true for this week’s fight as two former WEC stars will face off for a chance at the title. Since entering the UFC Chan Sun Jung has made a massive impact as “The Korean Zombie” has done some amazing things in the short time inside the UFC octagon. It has only been a two fight UFC career for Jung but both fights made a massive impact. In his first fight Jung took on Leonard Garcia in a great fight that ended in a very unusual way. Chan Sun Jung showcases his ground game in the second round as he locked in a Twister to end the fight. The Twister had never been seen in the UFC before and has not been seen since as Jung became a threat to submit in any way as his ground game was noticed. In his second fight he went the opposite way against Mark Hominick when he ended the fight in 7 seconds with a KO. Jung has made his name known in the UFC and even with only two fights in the UFC under his belt is on the cusp of challenging for the Featherweight Division. Meanwhile Dustin Poirier has double the experience in the UFC coming in to the promotion in 2011 and fighting in four fights so far. With these four fights Poirier has made his own impression working his way up the ladder and eliminating all in his path. With a four fight win streak under his belt Poirier is looking to add yet another win and a chance at the Featherweight title to his record. Both of these fighters have made an impact in the featherweight division and a win in this fight could prove to be one fighters’ chance to fight for the title. Both fighters are very good on the ground with Jung having some of the most creative submissions and Poirier on a two fight submission streak. Jung will look to get any type of submission when his is on the ground whether on his back or on top. Poirier is much more calculated in his submission as he looks to wear his opponents down to the point when he can find his spot. The same can be said for both of their stand up games. Neither are outstanding in the stand up game but both have just enough to be a threat. Jung is not known for his stand up but his KO of Mark Hominick showed that he has the power to catch someone if they make a mistake. Jung is more of a wild puncher though and can put himself into some bad situations. Poirier again is much more calculated in his stand up game throwing jabs with his technical style. Both fighters might end up in a stand up battle though as their wrestling and ground games will cancel each other out. If it does end up as a stand up battle anything is possible with a looping blow by Jung able to find its spot or Poirier able to out-technique the Korean Zombie. It just seems that technique could win out in what could be an exciting fight as Poirier will likely win via KO in round 2.

As two featherweights take the focus in the main event more light weight classes will show what they have in the main card. One of these showcases will be between two great lightweight fighters as they look to move up the ladder in the division. Donald Cerrone and Jeremy Stephens are both on their way back up the lightweight division after some struggles hurt their title runs. For Jeremy Stephens the climb back up has been a long one as he has fought in the UFC for years but has not been able to get to the top for long. After a two fight win streak in 2011 he took a step back losing to Anthony Pettis. After a long layoff Stephens will return to the octagon as he looks to make another run at the title. Donald Cerrone came into the UFC from the WEC as one of the top fighters in the division and proved his worth. Cerrone put together a four fight win streak in the UFC until he met Nate Diaz, the now #1 contender, and lost in a unanimous decision. Cerrone will now look to get back on track against Stephens as he tries to move back into contention. Both fighters have seen their setbacks but this fight could be the springboard to another climb up the ladder.


Fight Card

Main Event:

“The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung vs. Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier (Sportsnet)


Main Card:

Amir Sadollah vs. Jorge Lopez (Sportsnet)


Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone vs. Jeremy “Lil’ Heathen” Stephens (Sportsnet)


Yves “Tiger” Jabouin vs. Jeff “Hellbound” Hougland (Sportsnet)


Igor Pokrajac vs. Fabio Maldanado (Sportsnet)


Jason “The Athlete” MacDonald vs. Tom “Filthy” Lawlor (Sportsnet)



Brad Tavares vs. Dongi “The Ox” Yang (Facebook)


Cody McKenzie vs. Marcus “The Prospect” Levesseur (Facebook)


TJ Grant vs. Carlo “Neo” Prater (Facebook)


Rafael dos Anjos vs. Kamal “Prince of Persia” Shalorus (Facebook)


Jeff “Big Frog” Curran vs. Johnny Eduardo (Facebook)


Alex “Extremo” Soto vs. Francisco “Cisco” Rivera (Facebook)

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