Finishing the Job

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Things never seemed to go right for the Calgary Stampeders when they got to the biggest game of the year.

They have been the best team in the league for the last few years and in both of the last two seasons, they were the clear favourites to win the Grey Cup.

They ran through the regular season but when they got to the championship game they couldn’t seem to put everything together.

In 2016 they faced a determined Ottawa team who were able to push the Stampeders to overtime.

In that overtime, Bo Levi Mitchell had his shot to win the game but came up just short leaving the season as a disappointment.

They were back in the Grey Cup a year later against an Argonauts team that struggled throughout the start of the season and became a different team in the second half.

The game was still supposed to be an easy one for the Stamps but the weather had other plans.

A snowstorm evened the playing field and a fumble near the end of the game turned the game around and gave the Argonauts the win.

Both times that the Stampeders had a chance to prove that they were the best team they were knocked down by the unexpected.

Heading into their third straight Grey Cup everyone wondered what surprise was in store this time around.

They were taking on the REDBLACKS who were a better team than a year ago and had a better shot this time around.

The Stamps were nowhere close to the dominant team they were in the last two years that saw them in the Grey Cup.

It was supposed to be a closer game this time around as the Stamps were not looking as good and the REDBLACKS looked better.

That was going to be a more interesting game than what was expected two years before so some wondered if the Stamps could actually come through.

The weather certainly played a factor again this time around as the field was frozen from the first down until the end of the game.

It was yet another major obstacle for the Stamps in their pursuit of a Grey Cup after two failed attempts.

The REDBLACKS had to deal with the field too though and for both teams, it was a challenge throughout the game.

Receivers couldn’t find their footing while the running games were a challenge with no ability to cut.

That footing made for plenty of mistakes throughout the game as well with the quarterbacks struggling to find their receivers and totalling five interceptions between

Unlike the last two years though the Stamps seemed to get the benefit of the mistakes that were made.

Instead of a shoestring tackle or essential fumble at the end of the game, the Stampeders seemed to be on the other side of the bad plays.

They took full advantage of the interceptions and fumbles and throughout the game seemed to be in control.

Although the offences struggled to truly find their groove the Stamps were able to do just that much more in this game.

They were able to take the lead early and a 97-yard kick return set the tone before the end of the second half.

The Stamps never looked back as they were able to do just enough to stay ahead of a REDBLACKS team that struggled just that much more in the conditions.

It was far from a perfect game as this Grey Cup will be defined by the struggle to get any type of momentum going for either team.

Calgary was the team to get more done as they were able to keep that lead throughout the game and after two interceptions late in the game from Trevor Harris, they sealed the win.

It was a relief more than anything for this group who had been through two previous games without being able to lift that trophy.

This time around it was the final proof they needed to finish the season and take home the championship they always seemed to deserve.

With the monkey off of their back, the Stamps will move forward as they continue to try to establish a true dynasty in the league.

For now, though they will celebrate their championship avoiding a title that no team wants and proving to be the best team in the league.


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