PFHOF Profile: Brett Favre

brett-favre-072114-ap-ftr_2ts2g5jn394l1p96h3ojgkojwIn sports, there are always the heroes and villains and most of the time who sits in each depends on what team you follow.

Having those heroes and villains makes life easy for fans as they know who to love and know who to hate.

It makes things easy when cheering because no matter what a villain can always be booed or criticised.

Sports, just like life, are far from that simple though as there are plenty of players that fall into that grey area between villain and hero.

Players that are far more complicated than simply always being the good guy or always being the bad guy.

The NFL is full of these players as there are athletes that are beloved before quickly being turned on after making a decision.

There are players who are beloved by a small group and hated by everyone else or players that some are willing to forgive after controversy and others want out of the league for good.

The love of players is complicated and heroes and villains are constantly changing and when people look back they are never as good or as bad as they seemed at the time.

This complicated attitude towards players can be perfectly expressed by another member of the Class of 2016.

Brett Favre will go into the Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility and could be the player with the most complicated legacy in the NFL.

On one end he is simply one of the best to ever step foot on an NFL field and his career stats express that beyond a doubt.

When selecting a Hall of Famer there are a number of aspects to take in with the two biggest being the stats or more importantly how they relate to others at the same position and the championships won.

Favre has both as he retired with records in every major category for a quarterback including the most passing yards, the most touchdowns, most attempts, and most completions.

Some of these have already been passed but one that may never be passed again is his iron man record as he played a total of 298 straight games without missing a start.

He also had the record for most wins and had beaten every single team in the NFL throughout his long career.

As for the championships, Favre went to two Super Bowls and won one of them while he also kept the Green Bay Packers as a contender every year he played in the league’s smallest market.

That is simply a first ballot Hall of Famer no matter what qualifications you want to look at to elect a Hall of Famer.image

Although his election was never in doubt there is another side to Favre that have some questioning just where he might rank among the best to play in the NFL.

Along with being one of the greatest quarterbacks in the game he was also one of the most frustrating.

With all of the record, she held he also held the one record no quarterback wants as the quarterback with the most interceptions in NFL history.

That was due to his style of play as a true gunslinger who threw the ball harder than anyone and believed he could get the ball in any gap.

For at least 336 times he was wrong and the other team ended up with the ball frustrating coaches and fans alike.

Then there was the end of his career where the Green Bay Packers essentially forced him out of his home and to retirement.

After drafting Aaron Rodgers, a decision that didn’t sit well with Favre, and making him sit they were ready to move to the new generation.

They guided Favre towards retirement in order to allow Rodgers to start but after he retired Favre decided that it wasn’t the time and he decided to come back.

The Packers clearly didn’t want him and traded him to New York, another decision that didn’t sit well with Favre who wanted to play in the division to punish the Packers.

He got his wish after another retirement and comeback when he signed with the Minnesota Vikings and made life hell for his former team every time they faced him.

To many Packers fans, the decision to return to play for Minnesota was a slap in the face for a very loyal fan base.

To everyone else, it was a pre-Madonna attitude where he was putting himself over anything else while his constant retirements became a punch-line on talk shows.

Those last few years compromised his legacy in the eyes of many and although he was always going to be a hall of famer from his play on the field he will remain a debate for just how great he was.

Whether it be about his personality or not Favre will be debated as a villain and a hero by everyone leading up to his Hall of Fame induction and beyond.

No matter the debate the fact is that he proved himself on the field and more often than not that is all that matters in order to earn a bust in the Hall of Fame.


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