Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 2)

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The CFL ran into an interesting issue on Canada Day Weekend as the celebration of the nation’s birthday turned into a debate about a player’s attitude, a coach’s flop, and the structure of stadiums.

In the first game of the weekend, the Montreal Alouettes were opening up their home schedule against the Ottawa REDBLACKS.

The game was going pretty well for both teams but things started to go south in the first half when S.J. Green went down with an injury.

The best receiver was lost for the game as Green went to the locker room and never came out.

For the Als, it was a big blow but they had a backup plan in the return of Duron Carter who took over the #1 receiver role.

Carter was a great find in 2013 for the Alouettes when he earned 909 yards in his first season in the league.

The next year he stepped it up becoming a 1,000-yard receiver as he looked like he could be solidifying himself as the future of the league.

That great season led him to pursue a dream of following his father’s footsteps and playing in the NFL as he left the CFL to try out south of the border.

He made the Indianapolis Colts but struggled to find time and eventually found himself on the practice roster.

Without a place to play in the NFL, Carter made his return to the CFL this year signing with the Alouettes once again and hoping to get back to being the impact player.

To start the season it was almost like he never left as he provided Kevin Glenn with a serious threat opposite Green with 69 yards in the first game.

When Green was gone for Week 2 the focus turned to Carter and he delivered when he made an amazing catch in the third quarter to give the Als their first major of the game.

The touchdown kept the Alouettes in the game but what followed the touchdown may have ended any hope of the win.

In celebration, Carter ran back towards his bench but between him and the Als’ bench was the REDBLACKS and particularly head coach Rick Campbell.

As Carter went by, fairly close to the bench, he bumped into Campbell who fell down after the contact.

The Ottawa bench retaliated as they pushed and shoved Carter who ended up in the bench as he celebrated and continued towards his own bench.

That bump from Carter, and more the walk towards the Ottawa bench rather than just running to his own bench caused the Als to lose the second receiver on the night which might have resulted in the lack of scoring afterwards.

Jerrell Gavins was also ejected for hitting Carter in the helmet when Carter was in the Ottawa bench.

On first look, the incident was pretty simple as Carter didn’t need to go to the bench and did bump into a coach causing the entire incident.

On closer look though the incident had a few more people at fault. For one, Campbell didn’t need to be on the field as far as he was and he also sold the contact a little more than he needed to when Carter went by.

The slight bump wouldn’t cause someone to fly back as much as Campbell did as he clearly tried to sell a penalty.

The bigger picture is slightly more interesting though as the incident is something that is possible in any of the eastern team stadiums.

That is because in every eastern team stadium the benches are on the same side of the field, usually to allow more premium seating on one side of the field.

Both teams are only feet away from each other and for at least half of the game, players have to run by the opposing team’s bench to get to their own.

In an intense game like football, emotions can run high and like in Week 2 they can boil over to make everyone involved look bad.

The CFL may want to look at a rule to require the benches being on different sides of the field but it might be tough if teams have to eliminate seating to accommodate.

This week there was plenty to talk about as one incident was far more complicated than it seemed.

In the end, Carter received a one-game ban while Campbell, Gavins, and Jermaine Robinson, the REDBLACKS who had a questionable hit on the touchdown, all received fines.

Fourth Down:
(More news this week in the CFL)

Green Out
Lost in the incident at McGill was the loss of a key piece to a struggling Montreal offence as S.J. Green went down in the first half and won’t return as he tore his MCL and will miss the entire 2016 season

Lemon Gets his Wish
Shawn Lemon made headlines this week when he asked to be traded from Saskatchewan and he got his wish with the Riders trading him to the Toronto Argonauts for offensive lineman Matt Sewell and quarterback Mitchell Gale

Holdout Over
The Roughriders were rewarded in a small way for their bad 2015 season when they got to pick first overall and they took lineman Josiah St. John but in a rare occurrence St. John held out until this week as the Riders finally reached a deal with the former Oklahoma Sooner

Burris’s Leave Extended
The backup plan for the REDBLACKS is paying off in a big way as Henry Burris missed most of the first game and now is on the 6-game injured list as Trevor Harris officially has the reigns for the near future in Ottawa


Week 1:
Ottawa REDBLACKS 28 – 13 Montreal Alouettes
– The REDBLACKS were without their top player but that didn’t stop Trevor Harris from continuing to show that his signing was a good idea as he led the REDBLACKS to another win this over the Alouettes

Toronto Argonauts 30 – 17 Saskatchewan Roughriders
– The Argonauts didn’t have a great opening night in their new home but in Week 2 they were set to spoil the party in Saskatchewan and they did just that as they looked like a different team in taking their first win

BC Lions 28 – 3 Hamilton Tiger-Cats
– Jeremiah Masoli struggled in his second start as the Ti-Cats’ biggest fears came true as they couldn’t find the end zone with the Lions taking their second win of the season and looking like a new team this year

Calgary Stampeders 36 – 22 Winnipeg Blue Bombers
– The Bombers were supposed to be a better team but they started the year with a loss while the Stamps surprisingly took a Week 1 loss and both entered the game trying to take their first win with the Stamps coming out on top

Week 2:
Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (Thursday, July 7th; 7:00 pm ET)
– The Bombers are still struggling to find that first win of the season and they might have a shot depending on what Ti-Cats team shows up as they looked great in Week 1 but terrible in Week 2 with Masoli playing two very different games

Toronto Argonauts vs. BC Lions (Thursday, July 7th; 10:00 pm ET)
– The Argos seem to have found their way in Week 2 but they will have a tough test against the BC Lions who look like a team to beat this year as they have blown through two weeks as they look to make it three

Calgary Stampeders vs. Ottawa REDBLACKS (Friday, July 8th; 7:00 pm ET)
– The Stamps righted the ship in their second week as they got their first win but the REDBLACKS are looking strong with Trevor Harris at the helm as they host the Stamps trying to take their third straight win

Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Edmonton Eskimos (Friday, July 8th; 10:00 pm ET)
– The Roughriders were hoping that the new Chris jones era would have started a lot better but they took the loss and now they try to get their first win with Jones returning to the city that he made a champion only last year

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