2015 AUS Playoff Preview

jewett_trophyIn the Atlantic football is a bit different from the bigger conferences as they represent the smallest schools in CIS Football.

They have plenty of other problems than the bigger schools and more successful programs in the CIS but that doesn’t mean they can’t win.

In fact the AUS has a proud tradition when it comes to the CIS playoffs with the Saint Mary’s Huskies ranking among the most successful teams in Vanier Cup history.

They have appeared in a total of nine Vanier Cups which ties them with teams like Laval, Calgary, and Saskatchewan.

The Huskies have won a total of three of these Vanier Cup titles while Acadia has taken home two of their own and StFX has one of their own.

The only team in the division that has yet to win a Vanier Cup is the Mount Allison Mounties but if you ask people in Sackville, New Brunswick their time might be coming.

For the only team outside of Nova Scotia to play football in the AUS there has been mixed results over the years.

They have rarely gone a run and have never been dominant when it comes to their own conference.

Their longest reign only lasted two seasons when they won back-to-back titles in 1984 and 1985 but they have brought home six total Jewett Trophies.

They have a total of 6-6 record in the Loney Bowl but when it comes to the CIS playoffs they have only been to the Vanier Cup twice, they lost both times.

This year marks their chance to win the Jewett Trophy for the third straight year breaking a school record and another chance to play in the CIS playoffs.

The Mounties are once again sitting on top of the AUS and will be only one win away from their seventh Jewett Trophy.

They rose to the top of the conference for another year after a good regular season where they took five wins.

Their losses came at the hands of the other two teams in the AUS playoffs and Sherbrooke in the crossover.football-sidebar

They put up enough points to beat the StFX X-Men for the top spot and earned their bye into the Loney Bowl.

The X-Men also took five wins similarly with losses against Mount Allison, Acadia, and in their crossover game with Laval.

They fought from the bottom of the conference to move ahead of Acadia in the second last week but a win against Mount Allison in that week wasn’t enough to push them to the top of the division.

So they stayed in second and will take on the Axemen in the semi-final game.

The Acadia Axemen started out their season strong, looking like competitors for the top of the conference.

Then the second month of the season arrived and the Axemen began to fall off of the pace.

They ended up in the third spot, finding their way to the playoffs but not exactly where they wanted to be at the end of the season.

The Axemen and X-Men will once again add another chapter to their long rivalry in the Loney Bowl semi-final.

They will both be looking to once again stand on top of the AUS conference and end the reign of the Mounties.

Beyond that they will look to make an impression on the national playoffs where both have seen success in the past.

Whoever wins the Jewett Trophy will have a tough test ahead of them. They will enter the Uteck Bowl where the CanWest champion will travel across country to try to find their way to the Vanier Cup.

The AUS has rarely had much success in these bowl games lately but they will attempt to bring the AUS back into the national stage for another year.


They have the best defence in the AUS and have one of the top five defences in the country that has led them to the top of the conference. They depend a lot on the run game though and struggle through the air.

stfx-xmen.fw au-axemen.fw

They have the best rush offence in the AUS and plenty of talent on that side of the ball. They are the worst defence out of the AUS playoff teams.

They are the second best offence in the conference and put plenty of pressure on their opponents. They are not coming in to the playoffs on the highest of notes.


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