Wednesday Morning QB (NFL Week 7)

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It wasn’t long ago that Dan Marino dominated the NFL regular season and put up numbers that nobody could believe. He was the quarterback that put up more points than any quarterback in the history of the league. Eventually he broke the record for most touchdown passes in a career that was previously held by Fran Tarkenton who threw 342 in his 17-year career as the Minnesota Vikings quarterback. Marino did not stop there though as he continued to add to his total and became the first quarterback to ever throw for more than 400 touchdown passes. By the time Marino retired in 1999 Marino had a total of 420 touchdowns and a record that nobody thought could be touched. Nobody had even come close to throwing 400 touchdowns before and there was no evidence to suggest that it was going to happen again. Then the league changed and the pass became the most important thing that every team needed. Running games began to take a back seat and, partially thanks to quarterbacks like Marino, the pass game became the most important thing in the NFL. Quarterbacks began to take over the league and instead of needing a running back to win championships teams now needed a quarterback if they wanted to make the playoffs. As the game began to adjust another quarterback began to adjust with it. In 1991 Brett Favre began his career as an NFL quarterback but it never seemed like he was going to make a lot of that career. The kid with the cannon for an arm but not a lot else was seen as a backup in Atlanta before he was traded to be the backup for the Green Bay Packers. That was until 1992 when he came into a game when starting quarterback Don Majikowski. That was the start of one of the most amazing careers by an NFL quarterback. After 19 years in the NFL Favre broke every record in the league for a quarterback, even some that no quarterback wants in total interceptions, and became the first quarterback to ever come close to Marino. After years of never missing a game Favre was able to become the second person to break the 400 touchdown pass mark. Then he made aim for the record-breaking the 420 mark in 2007. Eventually he made a climb towards a mark that nobody thought was attainable and in 2010 he became the first quarterback to throw for over 500 passing touchdowns. When he finished his career Favre ended with 508 touchdown passes and many believed that it would be a tough mark to beat. There was one quarterback that may have been close though as Peyton Manning was seen as the only quarterback that might challenge the record. He was progressing at a rapid pace but was aging and three years ago underwent neck surgery that put his pursuit in danger. After being released by the Colts and joining the Broncos the pursuit of the record was far from over. The Broncos have put together one of the most potent offences that the NFL has ever seen and in his first year on the Broncos Manning threw 55 touchdown passes shrinking the distance between him and Favre. This season Manning became only the second person to throw 500 touchdowns and in Week 7 he finally passed Favre on the all-time list. It was a record that has regularly been considered unbreakable and it will be that way once again. Manning is only seven weeks into the season and has 19 touchdown passes that has put his career total to 510. While on pace for 50 total touchdowns this year Manning could have 546 touchdowns by the end of the year. Manning also is not showing signs of slowing down as he is only now playing his best football with the Broncos and if he continues to play at this level for the next few years he could approach 600 quickly. If he gets there it could be considered one of the most unreachable records ever but there are quarterbacks coming up to that standard with Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford rising fast. Meanwhile young quarterbacks like Andrew Luck and Cam Newton could make a challenge if they play for long enough. Or now Manning will continue to put space between himself and everyone else as the man with the most touchdown passes in the history of the NFL in putting another record seemingly out of reach.


Fifth Quarter:
(Thoughts on Week 7 in the NFL)

Trading for moral
The Seattle Seahawks spent much of the offseason preparing for Percy Harvin to join their offence and provide an extra punch but his attitude in the locker room proved to be too much and he was traded to the New York Jets removing a negative force from Seattle

“Unacceptable” performance
Brandon Marshall was clearly unhappy with the Chicago Bears after Week 7 going on a rant after the game saying that the offensive performance in the game and their overall record has been “unacceptable”

America’s team no more
Since the 1990s the Dallas Cowboys have been known as “America’s Team” as they were the overwhelmingly favourite team throughout the USA but that has all changed in a recent poll that has proven that the Denver Broncos are now the most popular team in the NFL




Key Scores:
New England Patriots 27 – 24 New York Jets
– The New York Jets are not necessarily the power they used to be but that won’t take away from the rivalry between the two AFC East teams and another close game is sure to only add to the rivalry for another year

St. Louis Rams 28 – 26 Seattle Seahawks
– The Seahawks are not the same team they were last February when they won the Super Bowl as they have taken two losses in a row now thanks to the gadget plays of St. Louis who took the biggest win of their season

Buffalo Bills 17 – 16 Minnesota Vikings
– The Bills did not have the easiest time against the Vikings but they still pulled out the win with a last second touchdown pass to rookie Sammy Watkins tied the game and the extra point won it as the Bills continue to find ways to win

Detroit Lions 24 – 23 New Orleans Saints
– After going down 17-3 by the third quarter the Lions seemed to be finished but scoring 14 points in the fourth quarter and completing a comeback to beat the Saints by one point and stay atop the NFC North


Next Week:
Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets (Sunday October 26th; 1:00 pm ET)
– The Bills will try to stay on the winning track in an important division battle while the Jets try to tack a chunk out of the lead in the division with their new weapon on offence in Percy Harvin who will play his first game in New York

Baltimore Ravens vs. Cincinnati Bengals (Sunday October 26th; 1:00 pm ET)
– The fight for the top in the North once again involves the Baltimore Ravens who currently lead the division while the champions for the last two years tries to gain their lead back in a matchup of the two top teams in the division

Seattle Seahawks vs. Carolina Panthers (Sunday October 26th; 1:00 pm ET)
– The Seahawks and Panthers are coming off of two bad losses as the Seahawks try to recover from a loss to the St. Louis Rams and the Panthers off of a blowout loss to the Green Bay Packers with one of these teams getting back to winning

Washington vs. Dallas Cowboys (Monday October 27th; 8:30 pm ET)
– It is an old rivalry and it gets underway again this year as Washington takes on Dallas with the Cowboys trying to stay in the groove playing their best football right now while Washington hopes to chip away at the lead in the NFC East

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