UFC on ESPN+ 17 Preview

Fighters can rise fast through the rankings but usually they run into some adversity and the true test of who they are as a fighter comes after that adversity.

An Exciting Birthday

The UFC celebrting 25 years turning back the clock and heading to the place where it all started but in the octagon it was all about two fighters trying to recapture their momentum after long layoffs.

UFC Fight Night 139 Preview

The UFC looks to celebrate 25 years of the promotion as they return to where it all began heading back to Denver the site of UFC 1 to reflect just how far the promotion has come.

2017 Begins as 2016 Ended

2016 ended with a match-up between a legend and a relative unknown and 2017 began the same way as BJ Penn made his return against a relative unknown but the results were much the same.

UFC Fight Night 103 Preview

A new year means some new rules that only add to the evolution of the sport, an evolution that BJ Penn has not been a part of after his retirement in 2014, until now.

Excitement in Salt Lake

Although the amount of fights have been criticised the quality of fights doesn’t seem to suffer all of the time with a great fight in Salt Lake at UFC fight Night 92.

UFC Fight Night 92 Preview

The featherweight division continues to be a logjam as the biggest star holds up everyone else who is just fighting to find their way to the title.

New Fighter, Champion in Mexico City (UFC 180 Review)

The heavyweight division is one of the most popular in the UFC as it marks the biggest and strongest fighters in the UFC. The champion of the heavyweight division is always a superstar and that is true of Cain Velasquez. The only problem is that Velasquez has not fought since November 2013. A brief break and a series of injuries have kept the champion out of fights and have kept him on the sidelines and unable to defend his belt. The At UFC 180 Velasquez was finally supposed to return to the octagon where he would try to defend his belt against Fabricio Werdum in his father’s home country.

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