2016 World Juniors Report (Day 1)

Day 1 of the World Juniors is in the books but for one team it had plenty of mixed feelings with a rough game resulting in key injuries.

2016 World Juniors: Medal Preview

With the World Juniors set to begin and more teams than ever in the hunt who will be able to come through and take home the gold medal?

2016 World Juniors: Group B Preview

The Russians try to continue their World junior medal streak but firs they have to get by the home team in Group B.

2016 World Juniors: Group A Preview

Group A in the World Juniors features plenty of deep teams with the defending champions looking to take home the top spot against this year.

2016 World Juniors Preview

The 2016 world Juniors are approaching as more teams are taking the tournament more seriously as a test of where they are headed in international hockey.

2015 World Juniors Report: Tournament Recap

Hockey Canada and the IIHF couldn’t ask for a much better finish to a great tournament in 2015. The tournament itself was one of the better ones in recent memory as the divide between teams shrunk once again. For one Denmark actually competed in only their third time in the top tier of the tournament and won their first game in the top tier. Meanwhile last year’s champions took a fall in the standings and while the usually solid Czechs did the same.

2015 World Juniors Report: Semi-Finals

While the quarter-finals at the World Juniors were all about the rivalries the Semi-Finals were about rematches as teams got their chance to avenge earlier losses. On one side were the Russians and Swedes who had faced off in what was for the lead in Group B. The game was one of the best in the tournament as the Swedes came out on top 3-2. On the other side of the bracket were the Canadians and Slovaks who had played on the first day of the tournament.

2015 World Juniors Report: Quarter-Finals

The first round of the playoffs in the World Juniors featured plenty of great rivalries and a few surprises. Quart-Finals day began with a battle of two teams looking to stay in the top tier and that series itself had a surprise participant. The Swiss started the tournament well enough and looked to be safe in earning a wuart0final spot while the Danes struggled. Then it all got a little muddy as the Danes won a game and the Czechs struggled leaving a three-way fight to stay out of last place. When everything was set and done the Swiss landed in last place with a date with the Germans as they tried to remain in the top tier.

2015 World Juniors Report: Day 6

The round robin is over for the 2015 tournament and the biggest games are just about to get started. After the change in standings and the wins and losses were tallied two teams stand at the top of the tournament with 12 points each and will head into the playoffs as the two best teams in the tournament. After a big battle in Group B the Canadians will get the Danes who squeaked into the playoffs after Switzerland lost their final game and the Czechs won their game.

2015 World Juniors Report: Day 5

One day is left in the round robin as the playoff spots are coming down to the wire but in Day 5 it was one team that had their hopes on the line. The Danish Junior team had only ever been in the top tier of the tournament twice before and had yet to earn a win. After a great performance in Division I in 2014 the Danes had earned their way to the top tier for a third time.

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