2017 World Juniors Preview

The World Juniors are back in Canada and for another year the Canadians try to keep their hold on the tournament amid the increasingly competitive international hockey world.

2016 World Juniors Report (Medal Day)

The 2016 World Juniors are over and the theme of motivation kept poking up as four teams competed for the medals in the final day of the tournament.

2016 World Juniors Report (Semi-Finals)

The semi-finals were underway in the World Juniors and rivalries took centre stage as two old rivalries determined the two teams who will play for gold.

2016 World Juniors Report (Quarter-Finals)

Expectations vary for every team in the World Juniors but those expectations came to the forefront in the Quarter-Finals with one team falling far short.

2016 World Juniors: Playoff Preview

The World Junior playoffs are here as two teams try to avoid relegation while eight more are looking to take home that invaluable gold medal as the best Junior team in the world.

2016 World Juniors Report (Day 6)

In the tournament of 19-year-olds the under-age players are beginning to take over as younger players will be looked to as leaders when the playoffs begin.

2016 World Juniors Report (Day 5)

Goaltending has shown to be one of the most important aspects of hockey and it is on full display this year at the World Juniors.

2016 World Juniors Report (Day 4)

Day 4 in the World Juniors might as well have been called Trap Day with only two games on the schedule but two dangerous games for good teams.

2016 World Juniors Report (Day 3)

Day 3 in the World Juniors showed that the difference between North American hockey and European hockey is shrinking.

2016 World Juniors Report (Day 2)

Important games have highlighted the start of the 2016 World Juniors including two games that could determine the relegation series.

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