2013 World Juniors Report (Medal Day)

It finally arrived after two weeks in Ufa, Russia the Medal day was here as the new champion would be determined and the rest of the rankings would be sorted out. Would it be the Americans who finished in 7th place in 2012 or the Swedes who could repeat as champions. In the bronze medal game who could recover from a disappointing tournament from both of the top hockey powers.

2013 World Juniors Report (Semi-Finals)

The Medal round is drawing to a close as the champions and the relegated teams will be determined soon. As the Semi-Finals approached there were two big favorites with the Russians and the Canadians looking to be on the path to the Gold Medal game in another chapter to their rivalry.

2013 World Juniors Report (Quarter-Finals)

The playoffs began on the 7th day of the tournament as games became that much more important. As these games increase in importance teams truly figure out what they are made of as they now are under major pressure. There are many teams who sit under the pressure of the tournament no matter what game they are playing.

2013 World Junior Playoff Preview

The round robin is done and now it is time for the real tournament as the new year brings the chance for a new World Junior champion. Through the round robin teams have made their statements about what style of hockey they want to play. As the statements have been made some surprises have been seen with one of the biggest coming in Pool A.

2013 World Juniors Report (Day 6)

The Round Robin has come to an end in the 2013 World Juniors as teams have sealed their fate in the tournament. The tournament will now move on to the next rounds as some teams will play for a medal and others will be playing to stay in the tournament. With the round robin done there were plenty of players who did everything they could in building their stats. This tournament is important for a lot of player as they represent the future of hockey.

2013 World Juniors Report (Day 4)

The Juniors are coming quickly to a close as teams play their last games in the tournament and with the end of the tournament comes the patterns. This tournament has seen one thing effect games more than any other as discipline has come into full focus. The tournament has seen many games come very close to upsets and a few actual upsets and one thing has become the main factor in every game.

2013 World Juniors Report (Day 3)

Yesterday I wrote about the comments made by Nail Yakupov when he called the Canadians a dirty team. I laid out the reasons to why the Canadians may be perceived as a dirty team but are actually just playing a different style of game. Of course only a few hours late the Canadians would take the ice against the Slovakians in a game that was built to be the upset of the tournament.

2013 World Junior Report (Day 2)

The Juniors got through their second day as the last two teams to start their tournament with the USA and the Swiss playing their first game. Both teams would take on teams that they should have beat. That is exactly what they did as the Swiss easily handled the Latvians and the Americans walked through the Germans.

Another New Champion? (World Juniors Medal Preview)

There is no question that there are two teams that are bigger than any other in the World Junior tournament every year. These two are the Russians and the Canadians as they have been the dominant forces in the World Juniors year after year. The tournament used to be a walk for both teams as it would always come down to either the Russians or the Canadians to see who was the best.

Who Can Survive The Death Pool (Pool B Preview)

The World Juniors only has two pools every year but that doesn’t mean that there is no death pool. This pool is Pool B in 2013 as the big three of the Juniors are all in one pool that will likely produce the 2013 champion. Usually the tournament will feature even pools where there are generally two strong teams and a third that is a good team.

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