2014 World Junior Update (Medals)

The final day of the World Juniors would determine the best teams in the world and after a few surprises it would all come down to two bitter rivals to determine the gold medal. But before the gold medal game there were two more games that were needed to figure out the rest of the rankings. First was the final relegation game in a new system that would see a best-of-three series between the Germans and the Norwegians. Norway had opened the series with a win by what seemed to be a distracted German team that was undisciplined and was not into the game

2014 World Junior Update (Semi-Finals)

The Medal rounds are set as the 2014 tournament is set to finish with some surprises and some expected finishes in the Semi-Finals. The second last day of the tournament would see the day start with a matchup of what many considered to be the two best teams in Pool A. The swedes have been the best team throughout the entire tournament and they would look to prove that true against the Russians. The Russians were looking for some revenge in the rematch of their first loss of the tournament.

2014 World Junior Update (Quarter-Finals)

The World Juniors are stepping closer to the medals as the Quarter-finals would begin with 8 teams looking to get a chance at the podium. As these eight teams began their playoff rounds two more teams would sit in the relegation and look to get comfortable seeing each other. The Relegation series would open up the day for the World Juniors as Norway and Germany looked to take the first shot in the best-of-3 series.

2014 World Junior Update (Day 6)

The last day of the round robin for the World Juniors was another wild one as teams took their last crack at earning their spot. Some things had been figured out as most teams had already ensured their spot in the playoffs. In Pool B Day 5 would be D-Day for many teams and for the Norwegians the end of the day would mean the beginning of relegation.

2014 World Junior Update (Day 5)

Just when the tournament seemed to be figuring itself out and teams began showing their trye colours Day 5 came in and blew everything up. The second last day of the round robin would be a thrilling one as teams would come close to being upset while others would find themselves on the wrong end of an upset. The day was the best so far this year and it did not even feature the biggest game of the tournaments. The day would start off with a very important game between the Germans and the Czech Republic.

2014 World Junior Update (Day 4)

Day 4 in the World Juniors and most people are just recovering from the biggest upset in the tournament so far. The Canadians would lose their Day 3 game against the Czech Republic who had never beat the Canadians in the tournament. Wit hthe first upset over wit hthere is sure to be a couple more but none would happen in day 4.

2014 World Junior Update (Day 3)

Following a pattern in sports through the last decade the World Juniors have seen their tournament get younger. It is a pattern that has come into every sport throughout the last ten years as younger players are having a bigger impact. The same can be said for the 2014 version of the World Juniors where a number of underage players are having their impact in a tournament for young players.

2014 World Junior Update (Day 2)

Day 2 in the World Juniors would see only two games but those two games would go a long way for two teams in particular. It was one game that would seem to determine the future of both teams as the Germany-Slovakia game has already gone a long way in determining the future of both teams in this tournament.

2014 World Junior Update (Day 1)

The World juniors would begin once again as every team would begin on an even plain as all were undefeated coming into the day. The biggest question looming over many fans’ minds was that of the breakout players. Which player would take over the tournament this year and be named the future of a team?

More Teams, More Possibilities (WJC Medal Preview)

The World Juniors are set to begin and with a new tournament comes a new format that will give more teams a chance to win. The IIHF would approve a new playoff format in 2012 and will put it into practice in the 2014 tournament. Since 2003 the World Juniors would see three teams move on to the playoffs. The first place team in each pool would earn a bye through to the semi-finals while the other teams would fight it out in the quarter-finals.

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