2015-16 NHL Preview: Early Playoff Outlook

It has become the biggest reason for the NHL’s growth in the USA and around the world, the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

NHL Week in Review (November 17-23)

The NHL season would start with one of the biggest changes in the NHL as the offseason would see a new alignment for the NHL. The realignment would come thanks to the addition of the Winnipeg Jets in 2011. When the Atlanta Thrashers would fold the NHL would award a franchise to Winnipeg but would have little time to adjust anything to help the Jets. So the newly minted Jets would be forced to take the place of the Atlanta Thrashers in the Southeast Division in the Eastern Conference.

2012 NHL Preview: Early Playoff Outlook

The NHL this season will be one that hasn’t been seen in a long time as they will only play a total of 48 games. In a regular season that would only be a few games above a half of a season and that means teams and players will need to adjust. One bad streak of games could eliminate a team immediately from the playoffs.

2012 NHL Playoff Preview

The most exciting time n the NHL calendar is here as the playoffs are about to start with 16 teams all looking to be the new champions. This year in the NHL some teams came out swinging and never stopped as they remained on top of the rankings all year. Then there were the teams that seemed to be out of it at the beginning of the year but came back to earn their chance at the Stanley Cup.

CFL Playoff Preview

The CFL had a very interesting season with the season going down to the last week of the season. The six teams that made the playoffs clinched weeks before but both conference titles were up for grabs until the end. When all was done the B.C. Lions and Winnipeg Blue Bombers took home the two titles and earned the first round byes. With this the Lions will have the chance to win the Grey Cup at home for the first time since Montreal won at Olympic Stadium in 1977.

The Road to the Cup (NHL Preview)

The road to the Stanley Cup has already started as NHL teams have made their draft picks and made their offseason moves. Now comes the time for the real work as the teams begin their season and look to win the next Stanley Cup. There are plenty of favorites this year but it all depends on who you ask. The Fans all believe that their team can make it to the finals but only a few actually have a chance.

Can the rest of the Division Keep up with Vancouver (Northwest Division Preview)

The Northwest Division is yet another division that features a load of Canadian teams and some good American ones. Almost every team in the division has won or been in the Stanley Cup Finals but recently the division has dipped. With two of the worst teams in the NHL and a two more teams that struggle to make the playoffs the division the Northwest has become a bit of a joke. The one good team though has kept them relevant as the Vancouver Canucks made the playoffs last year and went all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Can the Wings Remain Ageless (Central Division Preview)

The Central division has been ruled by two teams in the past years with the rest of the teams looking up. Last year however there was a new team that became the underdog story as the Nashville Predators took the second spot. The Predators were balanced by some gritty performances and were supported by the Stanley Cup Hangover. The Chicago Blackhawks were the 2009-10 season champions breaking one of the longest Stanley Cup drought since the NHL. Last year the Blackhawks suffered from the dreaded Stanley Cup hangover and had a bad season but still managed to make the playoffs.

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