U Sports Football Report (Week 9)

The season is coming to a close as the OUA finished their regular season and are heading towards the playoffs next week while the rest of the conferences head into their final week.

U Sports Football Report (Week 4)

The U Sports season is more of a sprint than anything else and as the second half approaches one team sitting on the bottom of the league is beginning to climb back to relevance.

U Sports Football Report (Week 9)

The OUA football season is officially over with the playoffs right around the corner as the conference is ready to start their quest for the Yates Cup with a mix of experience and momentum.

U Sports Football Report (Week 4)

The Waterloo Warriors are a program that has seen some of the worst that a program can see after losing their entire team in 2010 and struggling to find their way back but after four weeks it seems like they may have finally put things together.

CIS Football Report (Week 1)

The first week of the CIS season officially began with the OUA kicking things off as usual and one team putting the rest of the division on notice, at least for one week.

CIS Football Report (Week 6)

Rivalries are the lifeblood of university football as they are often the games that everyone is waiting for in a season.

2015 CIS Football Preview: OUA Conference

It is the largest conference in the CIS and one that many could see as one of the toughest to have any type of run through.

Is McMaster Done? (OUA Preview)

The OUA will see plenty of changes in 2013 as a new team enters the fold and the dominant team has been gutted. The Carlton Ravens will be the new team on the block as they return to the football field for the first time in 15 years. They will have a high hill to climb as they enter the biggest conference in the CIS and will have to compete with some very well established programs.

The Marauders look for a repeat season (2012 OUA Preview)

Ontario University Athletics is the largest and most prestigious of all of the conferences in the CIS. The OUA is the home of some of the oldest teams in North America with three teams created before the 1900s. Football began with universities and colleges and in Canada some of the first teams from universities were located in Ontario.

CIS Football Report (Week 4)

The CIS did not change much this week but there were some big developments in the top teams throughout the weekend. Both Western and Laval were in action on the weekend as they looked to maintain their #1 and #2 ranking in the CIS. It should have been generally an easy week for the top two teams as the Mustangs faced off against the 1-2 Laurier Golden Hawks in the OUA. The #1 team faced off against what should have been their easiest test of the season as they faced 0-3 McGill. Laval did not make it easy on themselves as they took on McGill at home but could not get their offence going.

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