There’s no Spying in Baseball

As a Torontonian and a Blue Jays fan I have followed the plight of the Jays for years but recently there has been some hope. After the Jays hired Alex Anthopoulos they began to slowly turn things around. Then came Jose Bautista who hit a league leading 54 HRs in 2010 and began to enter into the conversation for the best player in the MLB. This was a major surprise as Bautista became a start almost overnight going from a journeyman to a HR king in his first year with the Jays. Of course as the MLB is attempting to recover from the Steroid era the questions began to flow about whether Bautista had some unnatural help. Bautista crushed these rumours as he passed every drug test he had ever gone through and explained that the change in his offence came from his new timing mechanism that the Jays coaches gave him.

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