HOF Profile: Curley Culp

In 2012 Shannon Sharpe was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame as a player caught in between two different positions. Sharpe was considered too slow to be a wide receiver but too small to be a tight end. He proved everyone wrong when he became one of the best tight ends in the NFL and would have a hall of fame career.

HOF Profile: Shannon Sharpe

There have been countless stories of star athletes who have come from nothing and been able to overcome many odds to become superstars. Some of these stories end in tragedy as the athlete will finally get some money and go to the darker side of fame. Many star athletes get caught up in the limelight and spiral into drugs and criminal acts. Although this does happen there are also many stories of star athletes finally getting what they worked for and paying back the people that helped them there. The best stories in sports are always of the people who had to fight to get to the top but never forgot where they came from. Few people have had to work harder than Shannon Sharpe.

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