TMQB: Civic Holiday Edition (Week 6)

As the CFL enters the middle part of the season many things will begin to happen as teams begin to change. Through 6 weeks of the season teams have begun to forge a name for themselves either as a team to be feared or a team who cannot get it together. Many teams though are still trying to get into a groove with new players and offences just beginning to get into a groove.

Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 9)

The CFL has finished their second bye week and so comes the tradition of the Labour Day Weekend. Labour Day has been the biggest weekend in Canadian football, besides Grey Cup weekend, for years as it marks the official halfway mark of the year. As the CFL moves into the second half many moves will be done. One big moment is the return of NFL players as NFL training camp winds down and some former CFL players that went to tryout get cut and come back to the CFL to play the rest of the season.

Tuesday Morning QB (Week 7)

The CFL is approaching the halfway mark of the season as Labour Day approaches and teams begin playing for the playoffs. With the halfway point coming the CFL is seeing the teams that seem most likely to make it as Edmonton and Winnipeg are beginning to come under fire by other great teams. Montreal had a small stumble of two games but still seem to be the team to beat in the CFL. Meanwhile Calgary has seemed to finally figure their offence out as they began to look closer to last year’s team. Meanwhile Edmonton and Winnipeg are looking to hold on to their top spots. As the top of the league is beginning to shape there are still a number of teams who haven’t figured it out yet and are struggling to stay above water. The Argos, Lions, and Riders are all 1-6 and look to be battling for the last playoff spot in the CFL but need to figure out their major issues and fill holes to be able to play in November.

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