Clash of the Undefeated in Vegas (UFC 170 Review)

UFC 170 had plenty to talk about as three Olympians highlighted the card on the last weekend of the Olympics and some of the most captivating fighters would face off. There would also be a total of 7 undefeated fighters on the card for UFC 170, more than on any card in the history of the UFC. Not all of these fighters were well-known undefeated fighters but all were putting their winning streak on the line when they stepped into the octagon. One of these fighters has been one of the most polarizing fighters in the UFC as she has run through much of the top echelon of the women’s fight game

UFC 170 Preview

As the Olympics wind down everyone is looking to get a bit of the action and the UFC is no different as they will host a Pay-per-View with three Olympians on the card. MMA began as a competition between the martial arts disciplines from around the world to find out what the best discipline is. The sport has evolved from there to become its own version of martial arts but it still attracts the best from the multiple disciplines around the world.

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