Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 18)

There is no question that the Saskatchewan Roughriders enter every season with major expectations as one of the most followed teams in the CFL.

Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 17)

Canadian Football has been around longer than any other sport in the country with teams formed before 1900. Yet the CFL is often seen as less than a secondary league in many parts of the country.

Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 6)

The CFL is fast approaching the halfway mark of the season with only a few weeks left until the Labour Day weekend.

MLB Week in Review (April 10-16)

The MLB is through another week of the season and they took some time this week to honour a trailblazer in the league.

MLB Week in Review (May 31-June 6)

The MLB is in an era where pitchers have become the most important aspects of the game every year. With the evolution of a new dead ball era teams are always looking to get the advantage on the mound. They are all trying to find the next great pitcher for their team to take over games and to do that they have looked in plenty of places. One of those places that these teams look for their next great pitcher is the MLB draft where pitchers become the most sought after prospects. The MLB draft represents a chance for teams for teams to reload their minor leagues and prepare for the future.

Tuesday Morning QB (CFL Week 13)

The preparations have begun for the addition to the CFL with the Ottawa Redblacks joining the league next year. With the announcement of the Blue Bombers move to the West and the expansion draft becoming a bigger topic the CFL is ready for its 9th franchise. As the league hopes that this version of the Ottawa franchise is successful the future begins to creep into conversation.

There’s no Spying in Baseball

As a Torontonian and a Blue Jays fan I have followed the plight of the Jays for years but recently there has been some hope. After the Jays hired Alex Anthopoulos they began to slowly turn things around. Then came Jose Bautista who hit a league leading 54 HRs in 2010 and began to enter into the conversation for the best player in the MLB. This was a major surprise as Bautista became a start almost overnight going from a journeyman to a HR king in his first year with the Jays. Of course as the MLB is attempting to recover from the Steroid era the questions began to flow about whether Bautista had some unnatural help. Bautista crushed these rumours as he passed every drug test he had ever gone through and explained that the change in his offence came from his new timing mechanism that the Jays coaches gave him.

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