The New Sports Epidemic

Athletes are a special breed of people as they have something in them that makes them constantly push to be the best. For the best athletes in the world it is a lot more than the natural gifts they are born with. The best players in the world are the best because of a specific mentality they possess above the rest of us.

What is Wrong in the NHL?

It all started in the late spring 2011 when I was sitting at a local Toronto bar and saw a report on the TV that was a little shocking. I saw a picture of Derek Boogaard and underneath it had the report that Derek Boogaard, the New York Rangers enforcer, had been found dead in his home. Later it was revealed that the death was a result of an accidental mix of alcohol and painkillers, to which Boogaard was addicted. I thought to myself, what a sad story that an NHL player passed away well before his time. It has not been completely unusual to see this every now and then in professional sports, especially as a fan of the NFL, but then something else happened.

Depression Stigma Needs to Stop

Rick Rypien was a good Canadian guy who played hockey the way Canadians love and did so with a great heart. Coming off of a bad season where he only played 9 games for the Canucks and was suspended for attempting to fight a fan as he walked to the locker room, Rypien was looking to have a new start in Winnipeg. Unfortunately for him and everyone that knew him this fresh start will never happen. Rypien was found dead at his family home in Alberta, the RCMP ruled the death non-suspicious and sudden. As information has been slowly released about Rypien’s life it was revealed that he had been battling with Depression for many years and that this depression may have had a role in his death.

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