2014 British Grand Prix Preview

The Mercedes dominance is back as they returned to the top of the podium once again in Austria. Only two weeks after they were kept out of the top spot in Canada they would take the first and second place spots in Austria. The main question heading into Austria was whether or not Mercedes could come back and continue their dominant season. That question was answered fairly quickly despite not qualifying in the top spots they would end the race on top once again. Now Mercedes will have the advantage of racing close to home at Silverstone where they will be looking to increase their lead in the season long race for the championships.

Mercedes Back on Track (2014 Austrian GP Review)

Formula 1 would finally return to Austria for the first time since 2003 for the 6th leg of the 2014 season. The race would be the first where the Mercedes team was not coming off of a win in the previous race. The Mercedes team has dominated this year but in Canada they would take a back seat to Red Bull who would finish first and third. Now the teams would go to Austria where Red Bull Racing was looking to begin a winning streak on their home track. Red Bull would be the team with the most experience on the track as 11 years had passed since anyone raced on the track.

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