Top 11 of ’11: Canadian Sports Stories

Canada is a great and unique country and in 2011 we showed just how great and unique we were in the sports world. The Canadian Sports world is a unique one as there is a clear cut favorite that cannot be debated. BC is known as a baseball factory and the prairies are in love with their football but from East to West and North to South there is no bigger sport than hockey.

TMQB: Thanksgiving Edition (CFL Week 15)

It was a historic Thanksgiving Day in the CFL as Anthony Calvillo broke yet another record against the Argos. Earlier in the year Calvillo threw his 395th career TD against the Argos breaking Damon Allen’s CFL record for TD passes. On Thanksgiving Calvillo broke another record after throwing a 50-yard pass to Jamel Richardson for a TD. This time it wasn’t the TD that got him the record but the 50 yards as Calvillo broke the record for most passing yards in pro football.

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