UFC Fight Night 51 Review

When two fighters face off against each other there is always a bit more motivation than in most sports. That comes with the fact that there is another person on the other side of the octagon trying to beat you up. To stop that you have to beat them up and that can create plenty of motivation for all fighters. There are still plenty of other motivating factors and in the UFC over the last few fights one has been used more than any other.

UFC Fight Night 51 Preview

The heavyweights take a focus once again in the UFC as UFC Fight Night 51 will feature two veterans of the sport. Andrei Arlovski and Antonio Silva will face off in what seems to becoming a theme in the UFC, a rematch years in the making. For Arlovski this is another chance to continue his comeback tour by avenging a loss form years ago. Arlovski has been fighting since 1999 and is one of the true builders of the UFC.

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