Wednesday Morning QB (Week 10)

The remaining undefeated teams in the NFL are good but their schedules may show that they aren’t as good as many think.

Wednesday Morning QB (Week 6)

For the better part of the last decade the NFL has seen the rule of two quarterbacks as the best players in the league.

2015 NFL Preview: AFC West

The AFC West has always been a division where dominant teams have ruled for at least a few years.

Wednesday Morning QB (NFL Week 16)

So it is here, there is only one week left in the NFL season and most teams are simply waiting to figure out where they’ll finish. It is not so much about making the playoffs anymore as only a few spots are left as it is now bout trying to get home field advantage. As the season closes out the top teams are looking ahead to the next few weeks and the road to the Super Bowl while the rest of the league looks to 2015.

Wednesday Morning QB (NFL Week 7)

It wasn’t long ago that Dan Marino dominated the NFL regular season and put up numbers that nobody could believe. He was the quarterback that put up more points than any quarterback in the history of the league. Eventually he broke the record for most touchdown passes in a career that was previously held by Fran Tarkenton who threw 342 in his 17-year career as the Minnesota Vikings quarterback. Marino did not stop there though as he continued to add to his total and became the first quarterback to ever throw for more than 400 touchdown passes.

2014 NFL Preview: AFC West

While in the AFC South Peyton Manning led the Indianapolis Colts to a dominant reign at the top of the division. Behind the arm of Manning the Colts were the only team that could win a division title in the South with Tennessee winning the odd title. When Manning moved to the AFC South the pattern seems to have been transferred to a new division. The addition of Manning to the division has changed everything about the AFC West in only the two years that he has been with the Broncos.

Defence on Top Once Again (Super Bowl XLVIII Review)

Football is an interesting game that marries the intellectual aspect of sports with the power and athleticism of sports. Many do not see this all that often as the sport is given a reputation of being a bunch of dumb athletes running into each other. Sometimes this can be true but there is another side of the sport that plenty of players are good at but only a few players have mastered.

Wednesday Morning QB (Championship Weekend)

The Conference Championships would take the focus this week in the NFL with two of the biggest matchups of the year. It was the way many had envisioned that the playoffs would travel and the way that many hoped it would work out. In the AFC it was the top team in Denver welcoming the #2 team in New England for a chance to play in the Super Bowl. The Broncos and Patriots were seen as the two teams that were considered the two best teams heading into the season.

Wednesday Morning QB (NFL Week 16)

There is one week left in the NFL and one week left for teams to make their last stand for the playoffs. That last stand for the playoffs would become that much more important after week 16 of the season when almost nothing was solved. Week 16 would be a week full of drama and for many teams it was a week full of ups and downs as many team believed their hopes to continue playing were dashed only to be revived moments later.

Wednesday Morning QB (NFL Week 15)

The week in the NFL was yet another wild one as teams continue their fight for the playoffs in the third last week of the season. The week would see teams with a chance to solidify their spot blow it while teams that are only a loss away from being eliminated would win. There are only 4 of the 12 playoff spots taken as the NFL moves into their last two weeks of the season and it is setting up plenty of drama heading into the end of December.

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