MLB Week in Review (August 25-31)

The MLB is enjoying a home run surge and at the head of that surge is Giancarlo Stanton who is pursuing one of the best home run seasons ever but where he ends will be a topic of debate for years to come.

MLB Week in Review (July 28-August 3)

The MLB Trade Deadline came and went but unlike other years some big names actually moved as two teams sent a clear message with their trades adding big names to their teams to make a serious run at the title.

MLB Week in Review (June 10-16)

The MLB has a new hits leader but that record might come under fire for a long time as Ichiro Suzuki is still not the MLB leader in hits.

MLB Week in Review (August 21-27)

The postseason race continues in the MLB with teams running to the end of the season and looking to find their way to the postseason.

MLB Week in Review (June 19-26)

When a new commissioner took over in the MLB a new group of possibilities opened up for the future of baseball.

MLB Week in Review (April 17-23)

The MLB is a league that has one of the most complicated and deep prospect pools in any major league sport.

MLB Week in Review (May 12-18)

Baseball has always been a bit of a controversial sport among the broader sports world as it has gained a reputation for being a lazy sport. With players sometimes overweight and the slow speed of the game baseball has sometimes been seen as a sport on the fringes. It is sometimes considered outside of the big four sports, football, basketball, hockey, for the lack of intensity in many players.

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