HHOF Profile: Pat Quinn

Coaching is a delicate balance of being a babysitter and a disciplinarian and the best bench bosses are the ones who can get the players to play for them which is exactly what Pat Quinn did.

The Sport Addiction 2014 Year in Canadian Sports

It was another wild year in Canadian sports as the country took another step in the drive to become a powerful sports nation. It has been a long path as Canadians rarely get the credit they deserve for their accomplishments in sports. The country has always been a hockey nation and has always been great at the sport. The accomplishments of hockey players and hockey teams will always dominate the headlines in Canada.

NHL Week in Review (November 23-29)

Teams in the NHL are constantly adjusting to the new way of doing things as the NHL continues to change around them. It wasn’t too long ago that teams did not have to worry about players leaving their team at any point. When a player was drafted by a team he stayed with that team for his entire career. The only time that the player left was when the team no longer wanted him near the end of their career. That used to create a connection with players and the ability to follow a player the entire way through their career.

NHL Week in Review (March 31-April 6)

The NHL season is coming to a close and the playoff race is starting to heat up and the NHL Trade Deadline was the official mark of this point. As with every year the trade deadline is the mark of the playoff race as it is the last chance for teams to improve. It is the point where teams determine whether they will make a run at the playoffs or plan for next year.

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