CIS Football Report (Week 5)

It’s that time of year again in the CIS as the season begins to wind down and look to the playoffs with only four games left for most teams. As the season looks to the end every conference is beginning to see more clear who will be making the playoffs. It is past the halfway point of the season and so it is time to look back and look forward towards the playoffs and the Vanier Cup.

CIS Football Report (Week 2)

As the CIS Season moved to the second week the teams began carving out a place for themselves in their conferences. It is an annual practice by teams as they hope to build on their first week or look to rebuild from their first week. The first week in the CIS season and really in any season is completely unpredictable as teams get their first chance to play a true game. Teams get their warm ups in the exhibition games but those games are warm-ups.

CIS Football Report (Week 1)

The CIS season officially got under way during Labour Day weekend as they continued a tradition of Canadian Football. For years Canadian Football has held the Labour Day weekend as a special weekend where the sport takes focus. For the CFL the Labour Weekend is a half way mark while for the CIS it is the beginning of a new season.

CIS Preview: Road to the Vanier Cup

The CIS is one of the two college football leagues in North America although it rarely gets noticed. The NCAA is the one league that overshadows the CIS every year as they are bigger and have a lot more money. The TV deals are larger and the players are the future of the NFL in the NCAA with college football bigger in many places than professional football.

The Marauders look for a repeat season (2012 OUA Preview)

Ontario University Athletics is the largest and most prestigious of all of the conferences in the CIS. The OUA is the home of some of the oldest teams in North America with three teams created before the 1900s. Football began with universities and colleges and in Canada some of the first teams from universities were located in Ontario.

CIS Football Report (Week 9)

With the CIS Season officially over it is now time to start the postseason as next week will be the Semi-Finals weekend. The conferences are wrapped up with the semi-final games figured out as all of the teams that have made it will now work toward their conference titles. From there comes the road to the Vanier Cup as teams work towards being the best team in Canada. The OUA got out to an early start to the playoff with the OUA quarter-finals taking place this week.

Can the Mustangs Recover? (Yates Cup Preview)

The OUA was supposed to be all sewn up before they even started playing as Western was considered the best team in the OUA. The competition was essentially competing for playoff spots with Western taking the top place. Unlike most seasons the Mustangs proved everyone right as the easily went through every team and looked to be on the path to the Yates Cup.

CIS Football Report (Week 7)

The CIS is coming quickly to an end as there are only two weeks left in the season for most of the conferences. With the AUS, RSEQ, and CanWest conferences finishing in the next two weeks there is one conference that is finishing next week. The OUA is a larger league that contains 10 teams making their schedule somewhat shorter as they play 8 games in total with no weeks off. The large conference also forces them to end their regular season before everyone else to accommodate the six teams that make the playoffs.

Watch 2 Watch (Sept. 30-Oct. 2)

As the sports world enters the best sports month of the year What 2 Watch will be busy trying to give you all of the information you need. It starts this weekend when the MLB Playoffs start with the Division series beginning all weekend. Of course football is still in full swing with NFL, CFL, NCAA, and CIS throughout the weekend. The UFC is continuing its stretch of promotions with UFC Live 6. Another big event is taking place in New Zealand as the home team will play their last pool game against the Canadians. Of course the racing season is still in motion with the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series entering its third race. It is a busy weekend and The Sport Addiction is here to help you out. With the weather dipping colder sit at home in the comfort of your couch and get ready for some great sports this weekend.

CIS Football Report (Week 3)

The CIS went into the third week of the season with the top teams asserting their dominance over the competition. This was true of the Western Mustangs as they took on their equals from last year in the Ottawa Gee Gees. Last year the Gee Gees were one of the best teams in the nation and won the OUA regular season title. As they marched towards the Vanier Cup they met the Western Mustangs in the Yates Cup final. The Gee Gees season ended when the Mustangs beat them in the Yates Cup. This year the Mustangs are favorites to win the OUA but the Gee Gees were hanging on through two weeks of the season.

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