NHL Week in Review (December 15-21)

Sports in North America are some of the most profitable industries out there with billions of dollars going through these teams. The NFL takes the cake as the largest with multi-billions running through teams and massive contracts given out to players. Every other league is just trying to catch up to the NFL and make that type of money and that includes the NHL.

NHL Week in Review (Oct. 6-8)

The NHL has gone through some changes this year after the growing concern over the injuries in the game. With Sidney Crosby remaining out due to a concussion the NHL has begun to take precautions in order to stop the head injury trend. With the NHL attempting to save a sinking ship in the U.S. they have also been attempting to make it friendlier for the consumer. This has led to the appointment of Brendan Shanahan as the Vice President of hockey and business operations or the simpler title of NHL disciplinarian. Shanahan has been at work in the last few weeks with a number of controversial hits so far.

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