NHL Week in Review (November 17-23)

The NHL season would start with one of the biggest changes in the NHL as the offseason would see a new alignment for the NHL. The realignment would come thanks to the addition of the Winnipeg Jets in 2011. When the Atlanta Thrashers would fold the NHL would award a franchise to Winnipeg but would have little time to adjust anything to help the Jets. So the newly minted Jets would be forced to take the place of the Atlanta Thrashers in the Southeast Division in the Eastern Conference.

2013-14 NHL Preview: 5 Things to Watch

The offseason for the NHL was much less nerve racking for fans as there was no debate surrounding the start of the season. Instead of an offseason full of meetings between people in suits this season was about preparation for a new season. That doesn’t mean that the offseason didn’t have its share of meetings between people with suits but the CBA was not the main conversation.

NHL Week in Review (March 10-16)

In 2011 the Atlanta Thrashers would be one of the first teams in the American South to fail and that meant a change for the team. They would move to a market that had been waiting for a franchise since the 1990s when their old team left. The Winnipeg jets were back but with such a short time to prepare they were forced into the worst travel schedule in the NHL.

NHL Week in Review (March 3-9)

The NHL is full of debates like any other sports league and like any other sports league these debates go silent until something happens. An event has to take place for the debate to fire up and there are plenty of talks just lingering in the wings until that happens. This week one would come up after Marc Staal would go down with what seemed to be a very serious injury.

NHL Week in Review (February 24-March 2)

The NHL season has been a very different league this year as the shortened season has not only affected the play on the ice but the attitudes in the offices. Teams are working with a very different timetable than they are used to meaning that they have to think a little outside the box. This can be seen in many moves made so far in the season and that includes the surprising amount of trades that have already happened this year.

NHL Week in Review (Jan. 1-7)

The NHL is at a disadvantage in the USA as they have to battle very established leagues for entertainment dollars. This forces them to come up with new and innovative ways to attract more fans to come out to the games. One of these was created in 2008. The NHL Winter Classic started in 2008 as a way to showcase the NHL on a big stage with a big hyped up event.

The Four Conference League

The beginning of this year the NHL saw the welcome addition of the Winnipeg Jets who moved from Atlanta. With the addition of the Winnipeg franchise NHL alignment was twisted as the Western location of Winnipeg became an Eastern Conference team. This meant that Winnipeg would constantly have to travel far to play in their own division and other teams that were supposed to play Atlanta had to travel farther.

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