2013-14 NHL Preview: 5 Things to Watch

The offseason for the NHL was much less nerve racking for fans as there was no debate surrounding the start of the season. Instead of an offseason full of meetings between people in suits this season was about preparation for a new season. That doesn’t mean that the offseason didn’t have its share of meetings between people with suits but the CBA was not the main conversation.

NHL Week in Review (Dec. 4-10)

Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment is one of the most valuable Sports and Entertainment companies in the world. As the owner of Toronto FC, the Toronto Raptors, Toronto Marlies, and the Toronto Maples Leafs as well as the Air Canada Centre, BMO Field, and Maple Leaf Square they are one of the most valuable companies in sports. A lot of this value is directly due to their connection with their first team the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The Four Conference League

The beginning of this year the NHL saw the welcome addition of the Winnipeg Jets who moved from Atlanta. With the addition of the Winnipeg franchise NHL alignment was twisted as the Western location of Winnipeg became an Eastern Conference team. This meant that Winnipeg would constantly have to travel far to play in their own division and other teams that were supposed to play Atlanta had to travel farther.

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